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Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Logo

After the announcement was made which awarded the City of Winnipeg their beloved hockey team once again, fans waited patiently on the name of the new franchise. To no surprise, True North stood strong with their fans in deciding to nickname their team “The Jets” once again. After the name was decided upon, the last piece of the puzzle was yet to fall in place – The Logo. Many fans believed that the logo would stay the same, just as the name did, but True North had other plans as Friday the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new logo after a long 15-year wait.

The new logo is drastically different from the one which stood when the Jets left town back in 1996 for Phoenix. The new emblem features a grey CF-18 hornet pointing towards the North centered on top of a bright red Maple Leaf.

“True North Sports & Entertainment felt it was important for the new Winnipeg Jets to develop a strong new identity,” said Mark Chipman, Chairman & Governor of True North Sports & Entertainment. “We felt it as important to authenticate the name Jets and we believe the logo does that through its connection to out country’s remarkable Air Force heritage, including the rich history and relationship that our city and province have enjoyed with the Canadian Forces.”

Personally, as a Canadian who was very proud to have the team return to Winnipeg, taking notes of how hard it was to get the Jets back, and how much effort went into this, I am a little ashamed at how weak the new logo looks contrasted against the old one. I find it a little odd that the words “Winnipeg” are not displayed on the logo, as it causes the new emblem to look more like a Canadian Air Force symbol rather than something representing the City of Winnipeg and its fan base.

Hopes are that the logo will grow on Jets fans when they see it on the new team jersey set to be released at a later date. But, for now though not impressed with the logo Winnipeg fans are just happy to have their sacred franchise back in town.

Winnipeg’s first regular season game will be played at home against the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday, October 9th.

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