And a-one and a-two, Can we please get a goal song? Photo Source:

Strike Up The Band! We Want A Goal Song!

The goal song. A little ditty to remind the road team that home team just punked their goalie. For fans of the home team, it’s a chance to stand up, clap your hands, make some noise and swing a little momentum to their side. For a very long time, the Florida Panthers haven’t had much use for a goal song as they’ve been one of the lowest scoring teams in the NHL. When they did score, it was the hodgepodge of generic sports arena music you hear in every city echoing through the Bank Atlantic Center

But seeing as Dale Tallon has given this team a completely new identity, new players, new sweaters, it’s time the Panthers get a goal song. ONE goal song. But what makes a great goal song? In my view, there are several components. First, and most obviously, it has to be an upbeat song. Folks aren’t going to get jacked up if the Panthers score and Beth plays. Second, in my view, don’t let it be a mega-hit song. Sure, Enter Sandman and Welcome To The Jungle are great songs but they’ve been played to death. When those songs come on the radio now, nine times out of ten, I change it. Blame terrestrial radio, but I don’t want to equate a goal with a song that I stop listening to after two notes.

Third, and this is an important one, NO CLICHE SPORTS ANTHEMS! That’s right, no Rock and Roll Part 2 or Song 2 or Kernkraft 400. They’re played pretty much every sporting event, not just hockey, so using that as a goal song (which the Panthers do sometimes with Rock and Roll Part 2) is just phoning it in. And lastly, it has to be incredibly annoying to the other team and their fans.

If you ask me, Chicago’s use of Chelsea Dagger is the perfect goal song. I never heard of the song before this (and I don’t really like it as a song, to be honest), and it seems every other team’s fan base generally HATES it. And really as a Blackhawks fan, is there a better way to rub in a goal then to play a song that the other team hates? I’m assuming Roberto Luongo curls up in the fetal position anytime he hears it. That’s what the Panthers should strive for.

So, who out there has any suggestions? What’s your ideal goal song for the new-look Panthers?

Thanks for reading! Any and all comments are appreciated!

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  • Esbee92

    The Beth suggestion made me bust out laughing! (I might have heard them sing this in concert last summer…I mean could be a rumor or something *cough*cough*)

    Old school rock route…The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

    How about …If the House is Rockin – Stevie Ray Vaughn (I kinda dig that one)

  • Esbee92

    Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl (has as much to do with hockey as Chelsea Dagger!) Hmm. I think I talked myself into this one.

  • FrankRekas

    Also being a Hawks fan I can relate to the Chelsea Dagger song as being awesome. It’s theirs and having been in the United Center when it’s played I can tell you the feeling in that building becomes very “party” like for a couple minutes.

    I’ve been on the bandwagon of “How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy.

  • Esbee92

    Rocking my Duncan Keith shirsey right now! I LIKE the “How You Like Me Now!” idea!

  • Scott Mullin

    nuh uh fellas, its all about baltimora

  • mrtman305

    How about runnin wild by airborne

  • RobertGelbman

    A bit obscure but it fits our marketing this year