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Fan Fun: Offensive Line Probables

The Panthers website had their “Be a GM” feature a couple of weeks ago, but that was before we had a good idea of who is going to be on this team. Now that we have a better idea, lets debate. Leave a comment with your best lines for the very first game of the season: The Saturday, October 8th, 2011 away game versus the New York Islanders.

Here are my lines:

Booth        Weiss        Versteeg

Upshall    Fleischmann    Kopecky

Bergenheim  Goc    Dadonov

Matthias  Santorelli  Bradley

If we get a good debate started, I will follow with posts on Defensive Pairs and Special Teams.

Read On- Breaking News!

The Panthers have made some trades today. Sending Mike Duco to the Canucks for Sergei Shirokov‘s rights. Sending Kenndal McArdle to the Jets in exchange for Angelo Esposito. Sending Jordan Henry to the Flames for Keith Seabrook.

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  • AustinBeattie





    With Howden Potential making the roster and getting squeezed in somewhere, and i see matthias getting traded

  • PatrickRattrick

    @AustinBeattie Thanks for Participating! Matthias will probably end up somewhere else, Skille needs to show me more, I know Dale likes him because of the Frolik trade, but lets give him more ice time and see what happens, if he has a good camp. Santorelli could make the second line, his 20 goals last year prove he has the stuff. Dadonov really depends, he has moments of absolute glory, but can he do that on a regular basis? I would like to see Howden make the team, Dale doesn’t want to rush prospects, but his 40 goals and 39 assists for Moose Jaw means we may see him in the new red jersey sooner rather than later.

  • Hlamp

    Booth -Weiss-versteeg

    A booth, Weiss, Versteeg line will be fun to watch. I hope that is the line pairing

  • PatrickRattrick

    @Hlamp I really like the Booth Weiss Versteeg line too, I wonder where Skille is going to fit in this, Skille better have an awesome training camp, that said I really don’t think training camp should be the final determining factor, look at last season, putting Grabner on waivers turned into a big mistake.

  • Hlamp

    @PatrckMcLaughln @Hlamp There seems to be a consensus that Mathias gets traded. He has a lot of potential and he should not be traded in my opinion. I don’t see Howden on the team this go around or Gudbranson

  • PatrickRattrick

    @Hlamp Detroit saw something in Matthias (47th overall in 06′), so hopefully he will break out. I think he has been average. If he stays healthy, 15-20 goals would help from him. I like that he seems to get those important goals, I remember a penalty shot against Montreal, this team needs that. I think Howden will stay another year with Moose Jaw, Gudbranson will probably be given another year as well. I’ll have a post on defensive pairings up soon. Thanks for the comments!