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Canucks And Rome Should Burn! Horton Done For Finals.

According to a report by ESPN and this morning, Boston Bruin forward Nathan Horton will miss the rest of the Stanley Cup final due to a concussion suffered from the hit by Vancouver Canuck defenceman Aaron Rome.  Rome has a hearing that is scheduled for 11:00 A.M. today, and the NHL needs to take a long hard look at this and make a stance.  Rome should burn (pardon the pun).  Suspend him for the balance of the series if not more.  This is one of those instances that it’s an eye for an eye.  As long as it’s been announced that Horton will not return, then Rome should not be allowed to return either.

What I find hard to believe is that there are people who are defending the hit.  Open your eyes folks.  We aren’t discussing whether this was a head shot or not, we are discussing the timing and delivery of the hit.  It was late. Horton takes a pass in his zone, skates just past center ice and passes off before getting to the blue line.  He coasts a bit in the OPEN ice, and as he takes two more strides is clobbered by Rome, who at first had a significant amount of distance between Horton and himself.  Rome clearly had enough time to avoid contact.  Oh, and one more thing, the puck was long gone.

I fully support Bob McKenzie’s opinion here from TSN.

The continued punk behavior displayed by the Vancouver Canucks supports the feelings around Canada as well as this author in that, it’s no wonder the Canucks are hated.  Unless of course you live in the province of British Columbia.  There is so much wrong with their approach to the game.  You cannot honestly tell me they are winning with talent and skill. Those that are defending the diving, the chipping, the biting makes me wonder what kind of hockey you like.  And this statement coming from a fan that fully believes that fighting is part of the game, and loves physical play, and hitting.  However there are times when it appears that players are losing respect for each other.  Or maybe they are just dumb.

In addition to the Rome play, the Raffi Torres hit late in the game (which as of this typing is not on you tube), where he left his feet and had his elbow flying could have caused another injury had he connected.  This guy is a predator and should be put in the same rubber room with Matt Cooke!

As for the game itself I wonder what excuses the Canucks and the fans are making as their superstar overrated goaltender 7uongo gave up eight goals last night.  Word is that he convinced Alain Vigneault to keep him in the game going into the third period.  Why?  What for?  If Alain wanted to take you out, which he should have, you should have just sat.  Proving that Louie is a primma donna and that Vigneault is not the smartest bulb in the package.  Even if the Canucks go on to win, this was a dumb move.  Any armchair fan could tell that Reboundo was swiss cheese last night… unsure of himself, and fighting the puck.  Again looking up at the ceiling as he gave up goal after goal, indicating that they aren’t his fault.  THAT is the playoff Luongo I know.

Some are saying lucky goals?  That goal by Brad Marchand had nothing to do with luck.  It was shorthanded, and the move he made was pretty sweet.  Chicago’s Dave Bolland must have been cheering after seeing that!  Especially after undressing the Sedin sisters and the rest of the Canucks defence.  Speaking of the twinkies, they have a total of two points combined in three games, are a minus in the series, as well as the entire playoffs and have now also been credited with a hug.  Very romantic.

Lastly I give Tim Thomas the Bruins goaltender a boatload of credit for his check on Henrietta Sedin during the third period.  Watch it here and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Ed Belfour!

In closing I feel bad for Horton and what happened to him.  I hope that the injury he sustained is not career threatening as he hit the ice very hard.  This play by Rome and ultimate result of his playing time could be enough to provide Boston the hunger to win this series.  The finger taunting was funny briefly but i realize that they need to get back to business and focus on playing the game respectabily.  Even if their oppoents can’t.  You all know I wanted Vancouver to lose more than anything else, but heck, I might even start cheering for Boston to win!



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