Finally Sharks Advance. Source: Globe and Mail

Daily Pucking Grind. Relieved? May 13th.

Today’s music selection on Friday Flashback goes back to 1978 and is a great song by Greg Kihn….Remember.

If you’re a San Jose Sharks fan you have to be relieved.  Winning game seven against the Detroit Red Wings has temporarily erased the word choke from their history.  For a couple nights at least.  Patrick Marleau scored his first point of the series (hard to believe), as San Jose held off another furious attempt by the Red Wings to advance to the Conference Final, beating Detroit 3-2.  It appeared that Jumbo Joe, Patty M, and guys like Dan Boyle (two assists) and Devin Setoguchi were prepared to change their teams destiny and shut up the critics.  While the first period seemed timid on both ends, each team had their chances and the goaltenders, Antti Niemi and Jimmy Howard kept the game scoreless. 

Detroit lost two players in the game as both Todd Bertuzzi and Dan Cleary left the game with injuries suffered in collissions.  You have to hand it to the Wings, and as much as I can’t stand them, you have to respect them for their performance.  Playing with only 16 skaters most of the game, their final five minute push almost tied the game.  Niemi was flopping around like a pancake, and the Sharks had their backs up against the wall.  Pavel Datysuk who continues to amaze, and Henrik Zetterberg scored for Detroit, who many times came inches away from tying the game.  Collectively I’m sure that the fans oif San Jose were holding their breathe throughout the final frame.  At approximately 11:40 P.M. Eastern everyone was able to breathe again.

So now the Western Conference final begin on Sunday in Vancouver as they will host the Sharks for the next seven game series.  Now the real question is, can one of these teams finally win ” A Big One”?  As for me, I’m sure you know that I’ll be pulling for the Sharks.  My preview of this Chokematch will be sometime on Saturday.

One last thing to saybefore the Friday links:  I just love Western Conference Hockey!

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