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Can't Nucks Choke.....Again

The music for today is Pace Is The Trick from Interpol.

Little Miss Rat Trick asked me before yesterday’s game ” so who do you want to win the Stanley Cup”? Quickly I said I don’t give a rats arse…. I then said anyone but Vancouver. Based on last night “choke job” I don’t think that will be a problem, as for one more game I’m saved from eating my shoe, which one of my beloved readers reminded me of.

A second chance to close out the Nashville Predators this time on home ice didn’t go as planned, and the Can’t Nucks swallowed the puck and have now the Predators have “made” this a real series.
Check out this story on last night’s game by Mark Spector.

How about this comment made by the “missing” Henrik Sedin:

“Tonight we battled hard. It wasn’t a case like Chicago, where we gave them two games,” said Henrik Sedin, who has points in just two of his past nine games.

I have 3 issues with that. 1) Do you actually want to admit that you layed down against the Hawks for 2 games? 2) You didn’t give them anything. They earned every win and were oh so close to embarrassing you.  3) Does that explain your 1-4 record this year in games that you’ve had a chance to close out your opponent? You choke.  Plain and simple.  You can explain it anyway you want, but you all need a diaper change right about now as you Henrik and your sister brother are giving your fans the best Houdini act since….. well last post season.

As for Bobby Lose, 4 goals against on 16 shots. A guy whose style has changed this season to give him a better chance to make last minute saves, and stop wrap arounds. Maybe that explains why he’s on his stomach so much. What the hell is he doing? Pushups?

And you Ryan Kesler? I’d probably like you so much more as a player if you didn’t act like such a Canucklehead. Your goal celebrations where you’re acting like Dustin Byfuglien? What the hell is wrong with you? Have you no pride or originality? Act like you’ve been here before. Oh, wait……

The Can’t Nucks may still win this series, but let’s face it, there is an A.P.B. out for the Sedins.   There is a shortage of diapers at Safeway, and the academy is trying to see which “dive” gets the award.

You’re not destined to win, you’re not stealing a game or a series, and your standout players except for one (Kesler) are afraid to make a play. No one owes you anything, and you’re going to have to earn this. That’s what champions do. They earn their victories. No one makes it easy, except you guys want to believe that you make it easy by letting other teams back in! Bah!  Face it…in times of pressure you’re soft.

What will your excuse be next time? Your role players didn’t do their job? The nets are too big? You thought the neutral zone trap was a board game?
Someone said they want Vancouver to close this out because TV and the NHL wouldn’t want Nashville in the Finals should they get there.  Um, tell that to all the crazy fans in Nashville.
Before we worry about that Bobby Lose and the sisters (sounds like a country band) need to step up, or step out. (Sound like line dance instruction).

Remember Alec Baldwin in the movie Glengarry Glenross when he said “coffee is for closers”.

Looks like this Can’t Nuck team drinks tea! Or will is it be tee?

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