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Daily Pucking Grind. Double Shot. May 3rd.

Today’s music selection(s) on “Double Shot Tuesday” are both by Grafitti 6.  The first one is Stare Into The Sun and the second one is Annie You Saved Me.  Might be a little too mainstream, but give ‘em a listen.

I heard the funniest line this morning that was said by Glen Healy from CBC Sports. “Now that they’ve found Osama Bin Laden, maybe they can find the Sedins“.  I’m still laughing!

I actually watched a little hockey last night.  While I can now watch it without my heart in my throat and my temper staying even, I do miss the goosebumps that I would get during the anthem.  So Boston wins in overtime over the Flyers despite a two goal nite from James Van Riemsdyk.  Is he finally showing his potential?  The Bruins are now up 2-0 as they go back to Beantown.  As much as I dislike both teams, I’m finding it hard to root for either one, but should Boston win game three, I don’t see Philly coming back.

The Canucks go to Nashville tonight for what promises to be “bedlam”.  The Predators who are in their first ever second round series now have home ice  advantage and if they can steal both home games, Vancouver could be put out of their misery.  The Sedins have been fairly absent.  Something that happens to these types of players when the “chips” are on the line.  I’m not a big fan of European players, however I know that you’re roster needs some of the skill and playmaking ability that they bring to go along with the usual ruggedness and snarl of the North Americans.  However, Barry Trotz and his staff are taking a chapter out of the Dave Bolland school of aggravation, and are limiting the chances, as well as exposing their deficiencies.  And let’s not forget Bobby Lose.

Puck Daddy’s Three Stars for Monday Night.

Houses of the Hockey posted the top ten saves of the first round.

Now here’s something that I find hard to believe, even though it’s about the Canucks.  Shame on you NHL.  Montreal Gazette.

Alex Burrows is espected to light the match under the Sedins.  Another guy I should have tripped on State Street.  Globe and Mail.

The Canucks seem to be having a power outage.  Orland Kurtenblog.

Boston’s Adam McQuaid whiffs on his check of Mike Richards.

This Chicago Fan is suffering from the same thing I am.  Who to root for.  Foul Balls.

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Here’s a list of free agents compiled by Chris Huber at Too Many Men On The Site.

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