It Stinks. Nothing More....Nothing Less.

It’s Saturday.  The first one since June where I have no vested interest or feelings that will be bruised based on the happenings on the ice.  After typing that it hurts more than I thought it would.  So here’s how I feel and what I’ve come to observe and predict.

* It absolutely stinks that the Florida Panthers set a record for playoff futility.

* Even though the second round of the playoffs has begun, you can’t tell me the the first round wasn’t some of the best hockey you’ve seen since…..last year’s first round.  It stinks that it’s over.

* It stinks that the Chicago Blackhawks did not advance past the Vancouver Canucks. When Little Miss Rat Trick stormed upstairs after the winning goal in game seven (and I mean stormed), I knew that we’ve created a monster!  Albeit a passionate one.  Thanks kid!

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* It stinks to know that Vancouver is not as good as people thought, and that the Hawks were a bad bounce away and a missed power play goal (Sharp) from sending them to the golf course.

* It doesn’t stink to know that the sisters, twins, Daniella and Henrietta, Sedins can be neutralized.  I think Henrik has gone 10 playoff games without a goal.  Can you hear me snicker?

* It stinks to see that despite their goaltending issues, the Flyers somehow found a way to get past the Buffalo Sabres.  Just think if they had Ryan Miller instead of their committee of netminders.

* It stinks that I can’t yell at Uncle Jack anymore, even though I wanted the Habs to advance.

* It stinks that I can now watch these games without feeling much of anything.  Or throwing anything.

* It stinks that most of these matchups do absolutely nothing for me.

* It stinks that Corey Crawford played as composed as a veteran in his first full NHL season, and almost made history had the Hawks beat the Canucks.

* It stinks that while I was in Chicago, I didn’t trip, push, or accidently on purpose vomit on the shoes of Roberto Luongo, as he and Alex Burrows walked past us on State Street near Rush.

* It stinks that if a client wants to meet with me at night, I don’t have to say “wait, let me check my playoff schedule first”.

* It stinks that I don’t have to worry about wearing the same t-shirt for every victory, then take it off and switch after a loss.

* It stinks that Nathan Horton somehow became a difference maker for the Bruins to help them advance to the second round.

* It stinks that you almost can’t talk to me while I watch the Hawks in a playoff game.  It stinks more now that I probably don’t want to talk to you while I watch the rest of them.

* It stinks that for the next five months Chris Campoli will be compared to Leon Durham and Bill Buckner.  Only Cubs and Red Sox fans know what I mean.

* It stinks that John Scott didn’t punch Raffi Torres into next year!

* It’s going to really stink if Erik Gudbranson isn’t on the Florida Panther’s roster next season.

* I’ve made a ton of friends on Twitter this past season.  It stinks that we all can’t go into a room and laugh, cry, throw glasses, dishes, and have a good time while doing it.

* It stinks that I don’t have to stay up late and watch some really good hockey if I don’t want to.

* Yes, I’m grumpy and I know it stinks that I am.

* It stinks that this hurts so much.  Kind a like a punch to the sack.

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