Panthers’ Fandom (Its Not What You Do it’s Who You Are…)

If you haven’t read this book I suggest you do it’s a great recap of the magic that started the Panther’s franchise…

Sometimes I think it’s hard for non-fans to understand why we are so avid about the Panthers

You get questions like:

“Why do you keep going to Panthers games if they keep losing?”

“You look so sad today did the Panthers lose” (usually said with a grin)

“Your skipping a funeral for a Panthers game?” (hehe)

But there is more behind it all…

The New York Times did a study that said some researchers have found that fervent fans become so tied to their teams that they experience hormonal surges and other physiological changes while watching games, much as the athletes do.

The self-esteem of some  fans also rises and falls with a game’s outcome, with losses affecting their optimism about everything from getting a date to winning at darts, one study showed

One theory traces the roots of fan psychology to a primitive time when human beings lived in small tribes, and warriors fighting to protect tribes were true genetic representatives of their people

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”Our sports heroes are our warriors,” Robert Cialdini, a professor of psychology at Arizona State, said about sports fans. ”This is not some light diversion to be enjoyed for its inherent grace and harmony. The self is centrally involved in the outcome of the event. Whoever you root for represents you.

I think this is very true…it is so hard to separate yourself from you fandom and it seems like for Panthers’ fans that has been a part of our losing culture here in South Florida for so long…

We haven’t made the playoffs for the past nine years and won’t make it for the 10th… setting an NHL record. We’ve gone through 10 coaches, nine general managers, and are on our third owner since Wayne Huizenga brought the franchise to South Florida.

We sit at 23rd in NHL attendance with an average of 15,275, and our local TV broadcasts draw only 3,000 viewers per game… that’s  a 27-per-cent drop from last year…by contrast, the NBA’s Miami Heat attract an average of 82,191 viewers per game…

The fan base dwindles…yet we have a rich history that the organization has to keep reaching at to stir excitement…we’ve got a great arena and great GM…there is hope for the Cats…

Yet is hard to watch the team have to kinda “tank” this year on the #roadto30thplace it’s hard to not have a legit superstar to proudly argue is better than another’s…it’s hard to be the laughing stock of other fanbases…and have Tampa fans jeering us…and Montreal invading our building…

But the Panther logo is what I identify with…it is the crest I hold up…a representative of who I am…and so no matter how much they suck…or if they tank…or if we don’t make the playoffs for the next 40 years…I will be a fan…I will be there…

Because being a fan is not what you do it’s who you are…

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