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Daily Pucking Grind. Mid Day Roast. March 9th.

Today’s music selection is If I Feel Better by Phoenix.

A quick lead and superior goaltending by Tomas Vokoun allowed the Florida Panthers to beat the Chicago Blackhawks last night in front of a split crowd.  The Hawk fans in attendance made some loud anthem noise.  The Panther fans cheered “Let’s go Panther’s.  A Hawk fan wearing an Indian headdress would ask “How much time left in the period”, right before the public address announcer said that there is one minute left.  Panther fans brought signs that said “We miss you Michael Frolik.  Little Miss Rat Trick brought a sign that said:

The Panthers held on for Pete DeBoer’s 100th career victory.  If you missed Dave’s recap, it’s here. The game was virtually decided in the first period as Florida jumped to that 3-0 lead.  Coach Q’s bleeding ulcer may have acted up after that first period and Marty Turco replaced Corey Crawford.  Have to hand to to the Panthers and Tomas Vokoun.

I am prepared for the crap you will all throw my way today!  Links after the jump.

Here’s your Wednesday links:

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Zdeno Chara layed a big hit on Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty.  There will be a hearing on this today.  Suspendable? You judge.

Bob McKenzie from TSN gives his analysis of the hit.

FanSided’s Thrasher Backer celebrates International Women’s Day in hockey.

Can the Phoenix Coyotes be saved?  Biz Journal.

Yesterday was the seven year anniversary of the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident.  Globe and Mail.

Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts.

Elliotte says hockey is a great but dangerous game.

Justin Bourne talks about smelly buses and hockey players.

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  • Richard Brewer

    i have the rat trick app and usually read updates on my phone. so i don’t usually comment, bc it won’t let me. I moved to TN from florida and miss my panthers. i was down there and took the wife and kids to this game. I wasn’t the biggest Vokie fan when he came to us. He was too slow to getting back in position back then and got lit up for some bloopers. let me say that against the blackhawks he was the only reason we won. he made amazing saves against, 2nd period on anyway, very good passing. the only two that he let in came on screens that should have been picked up and cleared by our defense. wouldn’t mind at all if he was still here when we got back to the playoffs….next year?

  • Frank Rekas

    Richard: Thanks for the comment. I will look into how it might be possible for you to comment from your phone. Give me a few days to get this info.

    Thanks for reading!