Daily Pucking Grind. March 8th.

Today’s music selection is Here Come The Hawks.

A mixed bag of emotions will be rampant in the Bank Atlantic Center today as the Chicago Blackhawks, and ex-Florida Panther Michael Frolik visit Sunrise, Florida.  Dale Tallon the Panthers General Manager is credited as being the architect of these Blackhawks, and for the most part he is.  I lived there for a long time and witnessed the “comeback” and revitalization of a franchise that was left for dead.

At one point and time you couldn’t get a ticket for a Hawks game, as they played a brand and style of hockey that moved you to the edge of your seat.  Banging bodies, scoring goals, and the shiver you felt in the ‘Old” Chicago Stadium could be compared to no other venue in sports.  Then, they hit rock bottom.  Not only an an afterthought in the city, but in the NHL.  A sad state of affairs.

It took the death unfortunately of Bill Wirtz for his son Rocky to take over and bring the team not only to respectability, but to the top of the NHL with last year’s Stanley Cup Championship run.  Dale Tallon was largely responsible for that as he drafted, made shrewd trades, and assembled a team with a coach behind the bench that has the right amount of “chutzpa” to get the players to perform on a nightly basis. (Minus his recent diagnosis of a bleeding ulcer).

As an original Blackhawk fan I could sit here and salivate and blab all day long about where they were, where they went, and how fun it was to watch them come back.  But I won’t.  I will tell you though, that Dale Tallon has a plan.  He’s going to work that plan.  We have to give him time to put it together.  As he said the other day, we have no choice as fans other than to be patient.

One last thing before i give you a few links for today.  There are a lot of teams that come into the Bank Atlantic Center that we love to hate, or despise.  Philly, Pittsburgh, Detroit, some of the Canadien teams. Sure I’m biased when I say this, but honestly, there’s nothing to hate about the Chicago Blackhawks.

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  • Laurel Serra

    I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s game.. but more importantly to a time when, we as fans, can look back and talk about our beloved Panthers the same way you speak of your Blackhawks.. With that in mind.. I definitely have a lot of hope and faith in Mr. Tallon and I pray he can do for our team what he has done for Chicago.. I’d love for once to say to a friend or even my husband.. “Lets go to a Panthers game this weekend” and then not have the receiving person laugh at me because they don’t understand the sport.. or the possibilities… And unfortunately with a team like we currently have.. It seems even more of a ridiculous idea to them.. Thank god my brother and I share a love of the game that stems from the days my father would bring us to New Haven to watch the Nighthawks play or to hear stories of his days as a UCONN Huskey player… but I digress.. I will be at the game tonight cheering my team on.. and hanging on to hope even down to the very last 20 seconds of the game.. I don’t think I will ever lose that hope…

  • Frank Rekas

    If nothing else, the hope that Dale Tallon brings should be what keeps you cheering for the Panthers. He will do it slowly and with a plan of attack that will eventually get us where we need to be. It’s tough for me as a Chicagoan to not root for the Hawks. Some people think I can just drop that and I can’t.

    Dale however is focused on one thing, and that’s getting this team to a championship. he won’t mortgage the future, but realizes that it takes time to do this.

    We have no choice other than to wait it out. Ownership knows what needs to be done. This year as good as we played at times gave Dale a chance to evaluate. next year, everything changes.
    For the better.

    Have fun tonight. It will be a great game to watch.