Panther's Roster: Stephen Weiss

The Trade Deadline is February 28th at 3PM EST. What we’re doing everyday until then is do an honest roster break down of the current roster for the month of February. Today, we look at Stephen Weiss

Ironic that we look at Weiss today in midst of so much controversy surrounding trade rumors.

Weiss played his junior career with the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League and recorded statistics that impressed scouts and made him one of the highest draft picks for the Florida Panthers Hockey Club drafted 4th overall by the in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft

Weiss has appeared in over 500 games as a Panther. He has a unique quality of being a dependable two-way center while contributing offensively. He has from time to time not played up to his potential and at other times has had to carry the offensive load for the Panthers. Leading the Panthers with 33 points in 48 games entering the All-Star break, Weiss has lead the Panthers in scoring the last two seasons . Not overly physical, Weiss relies on his quick acceleration and hockey smarts. Weiss is four years into a six-year, $18.6M contract he signed in 2008. He also has a no movement clause, basically being able to accept or veto any move presented to him.

Recently he told the Miami Herald that he wants to remain a Panther saying “I’ll finish my career with the Panthers if they’ll let me.”

Pete DeBoer told the Herald… “He’s been a leader here since Day One. He hasn’t looked for a way out of town, hasn’t complained about personnel or linemates, what we’re spending or not spending. He comes to work and does his job. That’s leadership and you have to admire that.”

I see Weiss staying as a Panther here in Sunrise and I doubt he will be going anywhere soon…however if the right deal was offered to bring back good draft picks or prospects Tallon will listen…just like he is listening to any offers…

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  • slapshot1106

    Weiss is a decent player, but also I think he realizes he’s fortunate here at the same time. It’s respectable that he says he wants to stay and be part of the solution, but his offensive numbers have to be inflated because of the top-line minutes and PP time he gets playing here..

    So it’s not really his fault that he’s surrounded by years of mismanagement and lack of talent, but he also reap the reward with offensive stats and playing time… It’s not surprising to me that he says he’d retire here if they’ll let him, but that’s part of the comfort zone Tallon needs to take out of this group here….

    In 2-4 years when the team should legitimately start competing, he’ll be on the downside of his career. Do we let him stay as the 2nd or 3rd line CTR he probably should be all along? The one positive he has is that his contract is fairly priced. So they’ll probably keep him around to give the team some offense while they develop some of their picks..

    Personally, I have no problem if or when Tallon decides to ship out guys here like Weiss, Frolik, etc… I think at some point a message has to be sent out, and the comfort zone needs to be taken away from this club. Just like McCabe wants to stay, maybe even Stillman, that’s not what this team needs… Build with youth. These aging vets aren’t the role models we need here. Only bring in the ones that have true leadership.. If the right deal comes along, change the parts, but I think any of these deals will probably have to come in the summer, when teams have more cap room and are looking for a new direction…