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Panthers Roster: Cory Stillman

The Trade Deadline is February 28th at 3PM EST. What we’re doing everyday until then is do an honest roster break down of the current roster for the month of February. Today, we look at Cory Stillman.

Almost fitting that today we feature Cory Stillman in our Florida Panther roster evaluation as he’s about to play in game 1,000 tonight.  While Cory hasn’t had a superstar career, he has played for some quality teams and has been to the Stanley Cup Finals on two separate occasions winning in 2003-2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning and in 2005-2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes.  Those two seasons split by the lockout, Stillman was one of only six players to win the Cup in consecutive years with two different teams.

Signed as a free agent in 2008 by JM the GM, the idea was to have Stillman bring his leadership skills and veteran savvy to a dressing room that was filled with immaturity.  One man alone could not do this job, and as hard as Stillman has tried, it’s not all up to him.  Each of the two plus years that Stillman has been here he has suffered from injuries.  Knee, back, and shoulder problems have slowed down a player that was not all that fast to begin with.

This season in the games that he has played, especially recently, Stillman seems to be rejuvenated.  He had a slow start to the season, but seems to be playing rather consistently at the moment.  Cory has 22 points in 39 games so far, most of which have come since December.

As for his future with the organEYEzation, my best guess is that he’ll be traded to a contending playoff team for a draft pick.  Look, he’s 37 years old, and who knows how much longer he’ll play.  With all the bumps and bruises he’s accumulated lately, and with the future playoff direction of this team still unknown, he deserves a chance to get back into the post season one more time.

While he has meshed well with Marty Reasoner and Radek Dvorak on the “Century Village” line, we all know that the Panthers need to get younger.  In the past I have been critical of his play, calling him slow and using other phrases that described his play as behind the others.  However, say whatever you want, he found some energy, and hockey sense during this season and has found a way to make some clutch plays, and provide what he was brought here to do.  Hopefully he will have left a lasting impression on some of the younger players.

What’s your thoughts on Cory?

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  • slapshot1106

    He’s played better than he was earlier in the season. I think we probably did bash him a little too much, but it’s probably more because of the team as a whole… I think he blends in better on a more competitive team, so I think we should get a pick or whatever we can for him if possible..

    Tallon should be weeding out, and I don’t think Stillman had enough of an influence on others to be considered the true veteran leader this club needs.. That’s not meant to be a knock against Stillman. Someguys have it. Some don’t. We haven’t had much of it, and it’s probably harder to find and get someone willing to come here than it seems.. I just think a guy like Stillman would be a better playoff pick-up, if that’s what your team needs, rather than a guy you count on to be a regular Top 6 Fwd.. With age comes more injuries, so I think the team should stay away from those guys, unless they bring with them leadership skills to help set an example for the developing youth… They haven’t done it here for years.

    I also don’t think McCabe has enough of it either. He wants to stay, but I say get what you can and move on. Now some of these guys are starting to get too comfortable here and they want to stay and enjoy the South FL years into retirement. I don’t think we want to fall into that trap. If they do decide to keep McCabe, I say no more than 2 years at half of his current salary.. Take it or leave it.. Our defense has surprising promise with youth in Garrison, Kulikov, Ellerby, and a more veteran Weaver… You can always find some veteran Dman. Let’s concentrate on the Fwds, and finding the right ones that fit…

    • Frank Rekas

      Exactly. We tend to keep players too long and can’t get anything in return.
      For all the Dmen we have, there is no time like right now to focus on offence. We need scoring. Defence will be fine, probably better than this year when Gudbranson plays

  • Pick6

    We’ll take him back in Carolina any day! Hated to see him go…he can bring Ray Whitney with him.