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Daily Pucking Grind. Secret Roast. January 31.

Today’s music selection is Secret by Maroon 5.  By request as we tone things down on a Monday morning, or when ever you get to this.

So what did you think of the weekend of All-Star activities?  Most of it was well done, and I think the format for the teams with the fantasy draft was something that should continue. I think that the boys all had a lot of fun.  Did you see the look on Jonathan Toews’s face as he kept getting passed up?  Think his road roomie Patrick Kane did that on purpose?  Or did you hear when Matt Duchene said “I shouldn’t have had that vodka last night, after the fastest skater competition? What’s the drinking age in Carolina anyway?

Yes, yes, good times had by all and now they get back to the final push, which for some will be an uphill climb.  The Florida Panthers will start out tomorrow in Toronto for a three game road trip.  The Chicago Blackhawks start in Columbus on Tuesday with a six game road trip.  Yes, boys and girls, the heat is on.   Your links after the jump.

Here’s your Monday Links:

Congratulations to Chicago Blackhawk forward Patrick Sharp for being the MVP for the All-Star Game.

Team Lidstrom beats Team Staal 11-10 in the All-Star Game.

Puck Daddy gives us the 10 Most Memorable Moments in the Skills competition.

The Globe and Mail gives the highpoints of Gary Bettman’s press conference.

The All-Star weekend was full of fun, besides the game.  Globe and Mail.

Jonathan Toews shows his accuracy, thanks to a do over in the Skills competition.

Sidney Crosby has been approved to start skating. ESPN NHL.

You must check out the CBC Hockey Night In Canada Player Poll.

Peter Laviolette was welcomed back with open arms by the Carolina faithful.

The FBI is offering to search for the Blackhawks Cup winning puck. The comments are even better than the story.


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