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Hope...(Florida Panthers)

I slammed my IPhone down hard in my lap and yelled “Crap!” I didn’t make it to either game this week or watch them on TV because I was at a work conference up north…but the TSN app on my phone had just informed me that the Panthers had yet again blown a lead and lost in the OT…

These things are tough, heartbreaking and heart wrenching, in a way that any non-fan could never understand. Sometimes people look at fans and don’t understand why they are so upset by their teams losses, but they don’t’  get that this team means a lot to you, that you live and breath the teams success and failure, that the whole offseason is spent counting down the days until your love affair with your team can start again…and when the team…namely the Panthers…lets you down you feel like you’ve been cheated on, that you’ve been faithful for so long to do all the right things a fan should do…and your team has rewarded your efforts with pain.

Even though some would read this analogy and perhaps advise psychiatric care the reality is that this team means a lot to people who would read the analogy and totally understand. For this reason it is frustrating to watch your team play knowing that once again the playoffs are not in the mix and the season will be short and pain ridden…the only good news is there might be confetti at the end…

But there is hope.

Though the darkness that has surround the Panthers for so long, the non-playoff years…the darktimes so to speak still echo loudly behind us, in the distance the dawn of a new era of Panthers hockey peeks over the horizon. The promise of a team that competes every night, the promise of a team who hold leads and finishes their kills, the promise of team that does not fall to cheap marketing tricks and gimmicks to fill their building, the promise of a team who is worthy of the crest they wear….a promise…a hope…a future….

A so I will wait…I will wait until that time…and even though I will still cheer for my team this season…and still go to games knowing the playoffs aren’t coming…I will wait, because there is hope….

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