Need I Say More?

Daily Pucking Grind. Blue Version. January 20

Today’s musical choice is Sorrow by The National.  Don’t ask for an explanation.

The Florida Panthers took another painful loss last night at the hands of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Despite jumping out to a two goal lead early in the first period on goals by David Booth, and a heady play by Cory Stillman, it seemed as though the inevitable would come.  The script for this movie has been written and like a broken record, it’s been played way too much.  Unable to hang on, and allowing Columbus to stick around, the Panthers lost a lead for the fourth consecutive time, on home ice.  More on this later.  I’m going to wallow in my pain for awhile.  Don’t think there’s enough coffee to make the pain in my head disappear.

Here’s you links for Thursday:

George Richards has details about last night’s Blue Jacket revival.  On Frozen Pond.

Deja Vu from Harvey Fialkov and the Sun-Sentinel.

Here’s last night’s boxscore for the Panther’s game. TSN.

Puck Daddy’s Three Stars and a little something about a suspension coming?

Jarome Iginla has to withdraw from the All-Star game for family reasons.  TSN.

The SuperSkills competition for the All-Star game has been announced.

Need a laugh?  How about Olli Jokinen dancing?  Check this out!

Want some tips for your Fantasy All-Star draft?  Down Goes Brown.

Don Cherry feels players have no respect for each other.  Globe and Mail.

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost 7-0 last night to the New York Rangers.  Described as Rotten to the Core Toronto Sun.

Eric Lindros a physical player in his day, says players have a disdain for each other.  Globe and Mail.

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  • Laurel Serra

    I would have been perfectly content if your post today was just a picture of someone slamming their head against the wall because that is what I feel like doing right now with this team.. ugg..
    Its like your kids favorite disney movie that they demand to watch EVERY DAY REPEATEDLY THROUGHOUT THE DAY!! over and over and over with no new ending…
    I Love my team but I mean COME ON already!! Its like they dont even care..

    • Frank Rekas

      I will have a post game write up later this afternoon. It’s all set to go. check around 4. I had thought of using the above photo and nothing else. But that’s not good enough for you and my readers.

      I will say from what I saw in the room last night, they do care. They just don’t know why it’s happening.

      Believe me I am as frustrated as you. Enough is enough. It’s been a problem for a time that is longer than people will admit. My afternoon post will reference that.

      In the meantime, find sollace in the song for today. :)

  • Laurel Serra

    LOL Thanks Frank… At least Im not alone! Of course I will keep cheering and hoping for the best! I always do.. buts its nights like last night that just sometimes leave us infuriated…
    There has to be something… I dont know what it is..
    Somedays I wish I was back up north watching hockey with other hockey fans.. but instead I am here in South Florida finding fellow hockey fans on forums and half way across the globe rather than pride in our team right here at home.. I wish there was an appreciation here in Florida like up north but I understand.. Anyways I digress! lol..
    Ill look forward to your post as always!

    • Frank Rekas

      Thanks Laurel. I know how you feel. My days in Chicago are great memories, and while I do still follow the Hawks, being there is different.

      Things will get better, but we have to be patient for that. But like my Rat Pack partner Dave said to me a little while ago, this team CAN make the playoffs. They just have to figure out how.

      • Laurel Serra

        I couldnt agree with you more!