Daily Pucking Grind. January 18. Dark Roast Edition

Today’s music selection is One Step Up by Bruce Springsteen.  You tell me that’s not a fitting song!  I dare you!

The offices of The Rat Trick are filled with venom after last night’s collapse at the hands of the Atlanta Thrashers.  Items have been thrown, foul language has been used between the Rat Packers, computers have been punched as well as  called names.  We feel no better as the sting of last night’s defeat will haunt us all day.  Please don’t tell me that at least we got a point.  I’m not hearing you!

I’m not going to rehash this any more than it needs to be.  Dave’s post game wrap up can do it for you.  As good as the Panthers played for 58 minutes, the tide turned very quickly in the final two, leading to the shootout loss.  The thought of a four game winning streak too much?  The amount of games played in the past couple weeks taking it’s toll?  Mental mistakes and a defensive breakdown due to fatigue?  The choice of shooters in the shootout has me extremely curious.  No offence to Cory Stillman, but hasn’t Evgeny Dadonov earned a chance?  And Stevie, what kind of attempt was that?  Enough said by me for now.  As you can see, I’m not happy!

If anyone wants to discuss, the phone lines the comment section is always open.

Here’s your links for Tuesday:

George Richards of the Miami Herald talks about the late collapse.  Harvey Fialkov of the Sun-Sentinel wants to know how much this one will hurt.

The TSN Boxscore of last nights game.

Monday’s Three Stars from Puck Daddy include Jaime Langenbrunner who played in his 1,000th game.

Blue Seat Blogs wants Sean Avery to respect “The code”.  so do I.

Looks like Dave Bolland of the Chicago Blackhawks has picked up his game.  At just the right time.  Hawkey Talk.

Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts.

Hey Darcy!  Keep your head up.  NHL.com.

If your a GM on the hot seat, Down Goes Brown has some advice.

You all know how I love to rag on Jacques Martin (Uncle Jack).   Well  I’m not the only one.  Lain Carnegie from The Hockey Writers does too!

Finally, check out this guy who is postponing happiness for the most ridiculous reason.  The Onion.

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  • slapshot1106

    Highly unfortunate and not trying to sugar-coat it, but these things happen to lesser-talented teams.. I guess it’s part of the learning curve… And I think PDB must be teetering on the not trying to ruin the psyche of the team, as we all know this team can come out and barely score 10 goals in a 6 game span… Let’s see how they respond, especially in the 1st period Wed…

    Just to kick you when you’re down Frank, I see other bloggers touting Stevie for the “C”… I know, say it ain’t so and I can’t figure out why either, but I’ll be embarrassed as you if that ever happens…

    On a brighter note, Ek had Weiss for Hemsky rumor out there the other day… I know many would second guess it, but I’d be all for it… Keep changing the parts Dale, We need to rid ourselves of all the long-termers that have gotten too comfortable here accepting MEDIOCRITY…

    • Frank Rekas

      SlapShot: I took this loss hard, as did the other Rat Pack members here. Fatigue, mental toughness, etc all are factors. I realize that, and those among other issues may have contributed to the loss. I’m not going to make any excuses or say anything that resembles “at least we got a point”. I’ll leave that for the apologists.

      As for Weiss for Captain, you know I don’t see that, and it would be for the wrong reasons in my opinion.

      Ek is still around? Really? I haven’t looked at that site in 18 months. When it happens and he post it, then I’ll believe him.

      I do think we’ll see more changes as things go. I do believe that Tallon and the new ownership group will turn this around.

  • slapshot1106

    I guess it goes to show you can’t get too high or too down on this group… We’ve all seen this for far too long to mostly get disappointed when we expect better results.. I, like you, do believe in the long-term growth of Tallon and Santos…

    As for Ek, yes don’t ever put your $$ on any of it, but it does make for some entertainment in the world of possibilities… And once in a while it makes you check out players you may have never noticed, or someone that may actually be on the hot-seat…