Monday Kitty Litter. And Then There Were 3

Today’s music Video is All I Want For Christmas from The Belfast Giants.  Courtesy of Puck Daddy .  WOW!

No, not the three superstars on the Miami Heat.  No, not the three game winning streak that the Florida Panthers recently put together.  I’m talking about the number of writers now on The Rat Trick.  I guess I’m having better luck adding offence to my organEYEzation than our actual hockey team.

As you know David Lasseter recently came on board here a little over a month ago, and last week we have acquired the talented Josh Luecht to make this an even more powerful staff.  Now you’re probably asking yourselves, how can three people find something to write about for the Florida Panthers?  I guess you’ll just have to come back a few times a day and see for yourself.  We’re probably going to need some nicknames (keep it clean), so maybe some suggestions would be nice.  Suggestions so far have been The Three Stooges, Biff, Boff and Boof.  And a good friend from Chicago, who’s not Greek like me, but might as well be, suggested that one of us be called Buffos.  Maybe we’ll have a contest.  Anyhow, keep coming back, and welcome aboard Josh!

In Panther news some really cool people sent me some audio clips from the trap Nashville game.  Thanks to Ryan Porth at RLDHockey and Buddy Oakes at PredsOnTheGlass for getting these to me.  Take a listen:

Barry Trotz coach of Nashville.  Defenceman Ryan Suter, and forward Jordan Tootoo. On the Panthers end we have , Peter DeBoer, forward Little Stevie, and forward Mike Santorelli.  Thanks again to Buddy and Ryan! Not Buddy Ryan.  Two separate people in case you needed explaining.

Harvey Fialkov thinks that better starts are needed to avoid early deficits.  Also, here’s his brief note on the injured Cory Stillman.  I’m guessing Cory’s done.

Not to start any rumours but The Litter Box found this upsetting piece of journalism yesterday regarding Erik Gudbranson.  I threw up in my mouth a little bit after reading it.  Little Miss Rat Trick immediately became quite sad and begged me to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Speaking of Erik, he’s making a very strong bid for Canada’s world junior championship team. TSN.

Ryan Porth did a nice piece on David Booth‘s recovery from his concussion problems.

Have you seen the Florida Everblades holiday sweaters?  Look no further.    Puck Daddy found them, and I’m not too sure that they’ll be flying off the hangers.

Finally, my good friend Laura at The Active Stick talks about the “Twits” on Twitter. She’s right you know.

Thanks for reading.  Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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