Weiss Scores Falling Down. Doesn't Need To Get Up.

Today’s music video is Amazing by One Eskimo.  I guess that’s how you’d have to describe last night’s finish.

The Florida Panthers haven’t won two games in a row since November 10th and 12th, while the Colorado Avalanche have lost six of seven including four straight before Tuesday night’s game.  The Panthers also seem to like playing in overtime this year as last night my favourite punching bag Little Stevie himself, was Stevie Wonder for a night!

Check out FanSided’s Mile High Sticking for their view of the game.

Weiss scored the game winning goal at 43 seconds into overtime beating ex-panther goaltender Craig Anderson for the Panthers second victory in a row, and their third overtime win of the season.  Panthers radio broadcaster, Randy Moeller came up wiht one of his more classic, or disturbing goal calls as he screamed “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.  Check out all the highlights in the video below, including Randy’s call.

No T.V. at all for last night’s contest, and I was involved in softball playoffs (more at the end of this post), so I had no knowledge of anything until 11:30 P.M., when I checked my cell phone updates. It wouldn’t be fair of me to give a complete and opinionated description of what went on, therefore I’ll rely on the usual media outlets for the game wrap up.

Here’s the TSN boxscore.

Little Stevie’s goal was his second of the game, boosting the point projection to 41.  David Booth also scored for the second time in three games, and Bill Thomas picked up his first score as a Panther, giving Florida the lead early in the first period.  colorado who is the league leader in goals with 64 when playing at even strenght got goals from Matt Duchene, John Michael Liles and Ryan O’Reilly or Daniel Winnick. Different sources are giving different credits on that goal.

For a team that’s missing a number of players due to injury (four regulars), I’d have to say that a victory like this can go a long way towards building some confidence.  Also winning two straight in overtime against two young, fast and hard working teams certainly helps.  Here’s a quote by Pete the Bore:

“It was a huge comeback goal,” DeBoer said. “We’ve been in that situation a bunch of times this year and haven’t had a response. It was nice that both our big guys responded to goals against — Weiss on that shift and then Booth in the third period. That’s where you need all your best players.”

The week doesn’t get any easier as the Panthers go to Washington on Thursday night to face Alexander Ovechkin and Nashville on Saturday night.

As for me, if anyone cares my Tuesday night softball team had two “potential” playoff games last night.  In our first game against the top team in the league, we came back from a 9 run deficit and held off the opposition in the top of the seventh, with a glorious double play by yours truly!  The second game wasn’t as successful, as we lost and finished our season in second place.

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