Don't Push That Button Just yet

I'll Tell You When It's Time To Panic!

I’ll admit a few days ago I was ready go into the dressing room of the Florida Panthers and kick some asre.  I was ready to toss some bottles, clear the food off the tables, and break some sticks as well as some heads.  I was ready to fire some, if not all of the coaching staff.  Gord Murphy you would have been saved from my irrational yet warranted behavior.

I, like some of you had had it!  Sloppy play, a powerless power play, a skidding penalty killing unit, Little Stevie regressing so bad, he was firing shots that little Miss Rat Trick could have stopped with her catchers mitt from softball. (She was a damn good catcher too).  I was also ready to trade anyone and everyone who had anything to do with the Uncle Jack (Jacques Martin) era.  Or as the boys from Four Habs Fans refer to him as, Count Chocula.

But at my tender old young age, I had decided to do a little wait and see.  Patience.  Control the emotions.  See if we don’t set ourself up for disappointment, we wont be.  Just like the Panthers haven’t set the bar all that high so far this season, as we hear comments like “We did some things well”, after losing games.

With three victories this year that have come in either the shootout or in overtime, could it be that maybe we are indeed turning the corner?  That we are making some sort of progress?  That Pete the Bore hasn’t lost the room just yet?  That even though the roster is filled with 3rd and fourth liners and AHL players, that there is hope?  I mean we have to remain optimistic right?

Just because we’ve played 26 games and have only 24 points to show for it is no reason to jump ship, or throw in the towel, or burn my sweaters. Right? I mean we could be the New Jersey Devils couldn’t we?  A perenial playoff team that’s six points behind us in the conference and in 14th place..  We could have been the new York Islanders who endured a 14 game losing streak.  We could also be The Calgary Flames who just somehow never seem to get it together with all the talent that they have, and are as of today are also 14t, but in the Western conference, just one silly point ahead of the Edmonton Oilers.

But we certainly aren’t as fortunate as our division rivals the Atlanta Thrashers and Tampa Bay Lightning, who are both in playoff spots right now.  Speaking of Uncle Jack, how the hell does he have the Montreal Canadiens in the third spot in the East with that gosh darn boring “watching paint dry” style of play?

Surely (don’t call me Shirley) *hits snare drum* this michegas can’t last the entire season.  Or can it?  The day to day see-saw ride that we are on is going to continue my loyal readers.  All four of us will just wallow in the state of mixed emotions and stressed out nights all season long.  Do we expect to make the playoffs?  No.  Can we make the playoffs?  Well, if the sky fell maybe.  Calling for Pete the Bore’s head may have been a little premature.  I now give him until mid January, unless we go zero for the rest of the month.  I’m not endorsing him, or am i hanging him out to dry either.  With this roster of leftovers and overpaid vets, not many coaches could get more out of them than Pete.

Speaking of 4th liners and AHLers, I learned today that the AHL affiliate of the Panthers, the Rochester Amerks signed former NHL player Bates Battaglia.  Really?  As much as I like that name, how does he help?  Well, he was a decent 4th liner for me in NHL 2K 2004.  Maybe he shakes the rust off and we see him here with the big boys.

As I end my rant, I’m here to say, it’s not time to push the panic button yet.  You can get your finger ready and be in position, but we aren’t quite there.  A few more games, and couple more weeks will tell the tale about this team.

I mean c’mon Little Stevie can’t be Stevie Wonder again can he?

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