Thirsty For A Win. Now We're In The Desert. Cats vs. Yotes

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We are what we are.  If you can accept that, you’ll survive the season as a fan.  As for me, I’m not going to be complacent about this.  This team can play better than they have shown lately.  Someone however has to step up and make a stand.  Leadership.  Motivation.  Being prepared.  I can go down the whole list.  The situation we’re in is very similar to that in Toronto with the Leafs.  Poor play, average roster with average players, although Toronto does have Phil Kessel, and a coach who may have lost the room.  I listen to theFan590 every chance I get when I’m in the car, and people are ready to jump from top of CN Tower.  In Florida, many people are continuing to make the same excuses they”ve been making for the past nine seasons.

Ray Whitney who leads Phoenix in points with 16 and Ed Jovanovski both former Panthers will face their old team.  Whitney who is still dangerous at his tender age is spark plug with a nose for the net.  Jovo Cop isn’t as reckless as he was when he first broke into the league with the Panthers, but is still at good defenceman, who matured after he left Florida.  Or should I say was booed out of town?  Scottie Upshall leads Phoenix in goals with 8.

The Panthers have lost five of their last six, but had leads or were tied going into the third period in three of those games.  Once again finishing is a problem, not only with players trying to score goals, but with the team trying to win games.  They haven’t learned how to step on the gas.

Michal Repik who scored in Los Angeles was sent back to Rochester.  Why you ask?  Because he scored a goal I guess. Man I thought I held long gruges.  What the hell did Repik do?  This is a move that is making me scratch my head.  Kenndal McArdle has been called up in his place.  Not that we don;t need the toughness that McArdle brings, but we also need Repik’s offensive upside.  But the poor kid is in the coach’s doghouse.  Listen Pete, before you ruin this kid completely, let’s trade him.  Reports are the players are relaxed, yet still frustrated.  Some went hiking yesterday, while others saw the sites.

Anyone find any confidence?

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