Thirsty For A Win. Now We're In The Desert. Cats vs. Yotes

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Tumbling Down

Florida Panthers



Phoenix Coyotes


Game three of the west coast trip culminates tonight as the Florida Panthers try to break their losing streak against the Phoenix Coyotes.  The first two games have been disasters of different sorts.  The Anaheim game which Florida lost 5-3 found the kitties playing like kitties.  Tossed around, beaten to the pucks and beated twice by tough guy George Parros. But the power play did score twice, as Steve Bernier had the two goals.

In Los Angeles the Panthers let a 2-1 lead slip away in the third (seen that before), and ended up losing 3-2 when Anze Kopitar got the winner with just under three minutes to go.  Now some are saying that they Panthers have played well, but don’t have anything to show for it.  Not sure what games those folks are watching, but I’m seeing a timid and fragile group out there with no confidence.  Some are calling this game a must win.  Others think the change in altitude will change the attitude.

Here’s the TSN gameday preview.

Checkout our own Howlin’ Hockey for what’s been going on in Phoenix.

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  • slapshot1106

    I’m glad McArdle’s coming up. I think he’s a gritty, hustling, give-it-all every shift guy this team needs.. I think others get energizied just watching this guy give it his all… He’s not heavyweight tough, but he holds his own and you have to respect him… Too bad he wasn’t 3 or 4 inches taller, but teaming with Hordy should be a great energy line…

    As far as Repik goes, yes I think he deserved more of a chance, but I still don’t think he’s the answer to what we need… Probably more of a solid AHLer, I think his offense might be better served to a different club. If he had trade value, I’d say make a package deal.. But I don’t think he’d bring more than a 4th or 5th rounder, so then I say he’d be better kept in Rochester and as an added insurance policy…

    There’s too many other average guys this team is forced to play, either due to contractual status on one-way deals, or because they’re too desperate to admit some of their #3mill guys(Olesz, Stillman) aren’t worth what they’re getting paid.. After this year, they should be rid of a few more contracts and should have a little more leeway to give others better chances… The good part about Higgins deal is that it’s a 1 year deal.. I would’ve thought he’d have put up better numbers by now, but like many, he seems to be snake-bitten…

    Somehow I think they’ll sneak out a victory tonight. If I were Tallon, I’d acquire about an underachieving Wolski.. I don’t think we’d have much to offer in return, but maybe they’d have interest in Weiss or Frolik.. Wolski has a knack for the net, just seems to be off this year so far. I’d take my chances if it’s possible…