If You Shake It You’ll Break It. Panthers a Fragile Bunch.

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The Woes For Florida Continue. Source: TSN.ca

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Good isn’t good enough.  The margin for error with this team is so slim it doesn’t even register on a scale.  The Florida Panthers went into last night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings looking to wipe away their listless effort from the evening before when the Anaheim Ducks won 5-3.  Even a morning practice the morning between back to back games couldn’t solve the problem.  My question now before recapping, is a change near?

Here’s the TSN boxscore from last night.  Look if you can.

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  • slapshot1106

    A coaching change does nothing but cost us more $$ that they won’t be able to spend on players… They need better decision-making.. I agree with Jeff as they were lucky to hang around and have a lead last night.. Too many mental mistakes starting with coverage in their own end, not getting out of their own end, and making the extra pass in their own end.. That’s all in their own end, not to mention their lack of creativity in the other end…

    Weiss, Frolik, Wideman, McCabe led the way with mental lapses. For the amount of ice time they log and money they make on a team that can’t spend, they need much more from them.. I realize Tallon probably can only dump around the deadline the likes of McCabe, Stillman, Rhino if there’s interest, so he should consider off-loading Weiss, Frolik before they lose too much value like Horton did…

    Vokoun will likely have to be resigned as Markstrom’s not ready. So Tallon should find out how much T-VO will demand. I’d offer him a 3year deal at about $5.5 mill/year… That should make him affordable to other teams if we have to deal him in the future… Unless San Jose, Ottawa, or Philly knocks your socks off with a deal, the best bet is to resign him….

  • Frank Rekas

    As for resigning Vokoun which I have no problem with, we have to assume he wants to stay here. It would most likely be the last long term deal he signs during his prime years. He wants to play for a playoff bound team, we’re at least two years away from that if not longer.

    As for the coaching change, I realize that it’s money be thrown away, however a move to salvage respectability is needed. These players are making the same mistakes every night. It’s boiling down to hockey sense, motivation, being prepared and skill. The whole bunch is responsible. I don’t like a coach losing his job, I feel bad as I said. But we aren’t performing. If you think the arena is empty now, sit on our hands and it will be me and my family sitting on the Blue Line by ourselves in the lower level.

    The players you indicate with the mental lapses are happening way too often. They are nervous and pressing and can’t perform at their best.

    We either hang on to people too long, or get them too late.

  • Frank Rekas

    Agreed about the new faces. As long as we accept them for what they are. Reasoner has been very effective and I like the ice time that wideman gets and honestly I have always liked Bernier. He’s not a big weight wise as when he first came in, but he can plant himself in front of the net for tips and junk goals.

    As for Weiss, Stillman, McCabe and even Dvorak, all are probably on borrowed time. Our bottom six this year aren’t that bad, I just wish we’d get more use out of Hordichuk. Out top six however are questionnable. Booth and Santorelli are keepers.

    I know people feel that Deboer is a good coach and that no one is porbably going to get more out of this group, so why do it? This is a really tough thing right now. Almost exactly like what the Leafs are going through.

    • HANK

      frank, deboer has to go. he’s too soft. tallon needs to gut this team as soon as he can. no way do you re-sign vokun. this team is easy 2-3 yrs out from being descent. I love how they spoke of competition upfront this year so deboer could sit players who were not preforming. where’s the competition? players don’t get better in the ahl. it’s called the minors for a reason. has frolik or weiss or booth or anyone else sat in the press box? NOT

  • slapshot1106

    I really don’t have a problem getting rid of the coach if it was his fault or it would make the difference, but I don’t see that being the case here.. I’d be very surprised if Tallon made this type of meve before the end of the year, and I think he realizes it’s a no-win situation..

    Even though this team is on the road, these are some of the road games they need to get points in… Maybe they get excused as Anaheim has scoring, even though it had to be sloppy if Parros scored 2.. The Kings game hurts as they were leading after 2, and got nothing out of it.. Not that I want to hear it from Stevie, but they needed to at least salvage a point out of that one.. Now onto Phoenix. These are road points they can get, playing low-scoring teams with good goal-tending… Now they’re up against it as it’s almost like they’ll be pressing to get 2 pts..

    So I guess they’re now falling into the team that most thought they would be… If that’s the case, Tallon needs to make some moves sooner than later.. Just becasue Stevie says he wants to be part of the solution shouldn’t exempt him from being dealt… Of course he’s going to say that because he’s never going to get the ice time he gets here on other teams…

    I say Tallon should do what he can to unload almost all of the parts that were here before he got here… I don’t have a major problem with Dvorak, but maybe changing these parts sends the message the past wasn’t acceptable, and changes will CONTINOUSLY be made until we get it right… If PDB has to be part of those changes at some point, I don’t have a problem with it. But for now, I say trade what you can trade, put others on waivers, and change the parts to make it work better…

    One thing I can say it that it’s a breath of fresh air watching new faces from last year including Weaver, Santorelli, Reasoner, etc.. Even young guys like Garrison, Ellerby, Matthias, Thomas, Bernier have promise… Jury is still out on Repik. Maybe he deserves more time, but probably too small.. Santorelli’s small but he’s more of a sniper, and he also plays PK, so that was a nice find..

    Watching Weiss, Frolik, McCabe, Stillman, etc is painful. Those are the changes where I’d start. We have nothing to lose. Other guys deserve their ice time. They’ve had enough chances… Make it happen Dale… Maybe it’s a little impatience on my part, but just sick of watching these guys get top minutes, PP time, and not finish…