Tuesday Kitty Litter. Farewell To A Legend.

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Never thought I would read Sidney Crosby and slewfoot in the same sentence, but I did.  5hole.com.

Penguins exploding?  Puck Daddy

Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts.

Pierre LeBrun gives his top ten surprises of the year so far.  The list includes two guys in Hotlanta.

Will West be Best for the Florida Panthers this week?  NHL Hot Stove.

Steve Bernier is close to returning for the Panthers, and hopefully we see him against the Ducks.  Sun Sentinel.

Twitter can sometimes get us into trouble.  But an off ice skirmish with Matthew Barnaby via Twitter?  Dangerous Hockey earns himself a timeout!

Down Goes Brown reviews the flowchart that the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has for scandals.

Justin Bourne talks about motivation, engagement and the Miami Heat.

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