Grading The Panthers First Quarter.

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My Turn To Dish This Out

Today’s final Bruce Springsteen music video is Thunder Road from a live performance in Barcelona, Spain.  Always a great tune in concert, this one won’t disappoint.

One quarter of the season having been completed, and a couple days off to get ready for a three game road trip, why not take a few minutes and hand out grades to our South Florida Hockey team?  Not an easy task for sure, and I also wish that the results were better, but if you’re expectations weren’t set too high, then you won’t be too upset with the grades.

Goaltending:  If there is a bright spot this quarter, it’s right here as Tomas Vokoun the team’s number one goaltender and his backup Scott Clemmensen have done about all they could to keep this team in games.  Sure, a blowout or two, and  few soft goals have been let in, but that’s to be expected.  Some people however think that Vokoun, who gets most of the starts, has let in too many softies.  Maybe, but when you struggle to score goals like the Panthers, that’s going to be the reaction from some.  As far as I’m concerned, we’d be worse off without Vokoun in net.  His GAA is 2.44 which is sorta average, but his save percentage is .923 as he’s already faced 534 shots.  Clemmensen has played well in the games he’s been in.  It’s obvious however that the team plays differently in front of their netminders.  Grade B +

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  • HANK

    frank I see the Caps, Bruins, Canes making deals to better themselves while our GM sits on his ass. This team is a frigin joke.Hell they can’t even be bad enough to get the 1st pick in the draft.

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: We have untradeable players, thanks to JM. Unless something drastic is in the works, or a team suffers a major injury, we’re stuck till at least the trade deadline. But by then, it will only be trades for spare parts and draft picks.

    Honestly, the real wheeling and dealing comes in the off season. We just have to live long enough.

  • slapshot1106

    A little harsh here Frank. Remember we are rebuilding. Many picked these guys to finish 15th or 30th overall.. As far as that goes, I think PDB deserves some credit… Surely, many of the players can be called out… But there is some promise here…

    Defense and PK have improved nicely.. Goaltending is about what we expect or need it to be.. It could be a whole lot worse, and maybe it does get worse as the December schedule looks rough… Offensively, this team is desperate.. Yes they’ll get some better numbers eventually as the law of averages has to eventually come around for them..

    I’m not one for playing just to get by, but considering their continuous lack of picks and offense, they’re still scratching and clawing… It would be nice if we could make a deal or two before the deadline to give us some hope and potential, but give Tallon PDB credit for slowly changing the identity here… Yes too slow for many of us that have less and less patience after watching the past DECADE of Panther hockey, but there is some hope…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slapshot: i appreciate your comments as always and enjoy our back and forth discussion. My tough grading comes from the fact that we can’t be satisfied with being picked to finish 15th and anything better is gravy.

    I think that DeBoer and the team needs to set the bar high.
    We need to get into the playoffs, that should be the goal. Anything less is a failure.