We Just Want Someone To Talk Panther Hockey To.

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Anyway, we (Dave and I) want to encourage you to chat with us any time, and of course as much as possible about this team and this sport.  We have a multitude of ways for you to do that, and here they are:

Our FaceBook Fan Page.  Please join if you already haven’t.  Hit the like link at the top  of the page too.  Make comments, add photo’s of games, or items that you have, places you’ve been to that are hockey related.  This page is for you, our fans.

Follow us on Twitter.  Here’s our site @therattrick. Again, another place to comment, provide info, and build our Panther community.  Also follow Dave Lasseter @davidlasseter.  We have both made some great contacts with Twitter, and have developed some very good friendships with many of the fans that are now reading this site.  For that we’re very appreciative.

And of course our comment section on this site.  Just click on the “leave a comment” tab at the end of every post.

Have a smart phone?  As opposed to a dumb one I guess?!  Download the FanSided smartphone application to follow us, and other teams that you cheer for.

Our goal here is to make this site the place to go to for Florida Panther hockey.  You may not always agree with what we say, and you may have another point of view that we haven’t considered.  Let us here you.  We (Dave and I) answer all comments, and enjoy doing it.

We are making changes and improvements all the time.  For example at the top we now have a schedule page.  Click on it and you’ll see all the previous games scores.  There’s a link for you to purchase tickets for upcoming games as well.  We’re going to make Facebook even more fan friendly soon.

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