I Can See The Pain In Your Eyes.

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Right Now Every Goalie's A Hot Goalie. Source: TSN

The darkness continues for the Florida Panthers as they drop their third game in a row on this Thanksgiving week homestand to the New York Rangers by a score of 3-0.  They have now lost five of their last seven, and have scored 5 goals in those seven losses.  The powerplay continued it’s futility with the Panthers unable to capitalize on five chances.  Including what started out as a four minute advantage with a high sticking penalty to NHL goofball Sean Avery.

Late in the game head coach Pete DeBoer pulled goaltender Scott Clemmensen with 3:40 left to go and still nothing.  To make matters worse, during one of the man advantages the Panthers gave up a short handed goal, and you could feel the air being let out of the building.  Current powerplay now stands at zero for 33.

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  • slapshot1106

    If players aren’t tradeable, let’s encourage contract buy-outs, waivers, trades for lesser returns.. I realize it’s a rebuild, but let’s not play the same guys game after game, year after year… If we keep playing most of the same guys getting sub-par results, we’re only alienating more and more of a less-than-average fanbase..

    I’m not too critical of Jack Edwards. He’s only saying what many believe, especially north of the border… Surely, we’re playing better than years prior and probably deserve to have more pts this year than we now have, but this has been years of mismanagement that’s trying to be changed…

    Basically, we’re an expansion team. We have some players, but mostly cast-offs.. Our picks currently being utilized are very minimal. On top of that, we’re not starting from scratch because we’re stuck with suspect contracts… So let’s just hope we can make some additions as we write certain contracts off… Yes frustrating as it takes time and patience, and most of us have grown less interested by the day…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap shot: My interpretation of where the organ-eye-zation is going this year is this. They have a self-imposed budget. I doubt very much they will buy anyone out and would rather suffer with those players till the deadline which then they might be able to get draft picks from.

    Not saying I know this for sure, but it’s my guess. Unless things get really ugly and or another team is desperate before then, that’s pretty much where we are.

    Also why our patience will be seriously tested.

  • slapshot1106

    I agree buy-outs won’t come until the off-season. Not sure how many players they will be able to distribute for picks at the deadline, but Stillman, McCabe, maybe Allen would be my guess… I doubt there’s interest in Rhino or Bernier or Olesz…

    I would’t mind offering up Frolik to see what he might bring in return. Probably package with someone else, but all they’ll probably get would be picks & prospects…

    I’m sure there is some sort of budget, but there has to be some play if Tallon can make a deal that benefits them by taking advantage of a cap-strapped team… Devils and Bruins come to mind. Could we somehow get Langenbrunner? Maybe take on Zubrus with him to give them relief, and send Stillman and a Dman and whatever else they want… From the Bruins, make some play and take a chance on Wheeler, Sturm, with or without an expiring Ryder just to make a deal happen…

  • Frank Rekas

    The Devils and the B’s seem to be the easy partners. But do we have what they want? I’d be willing to move Frolik and finally give Repik a chance. A real chance, not a fourth line chance. Beyond that , we just are going to have to wait it out. I guess.
    Not a comfortable feeling either, as Dale must have about 168 deals in his head, none of which can be made.

  • slapshot1106

    I’m not saying we have what the Bruins and Devils want, but if we’re willing to take 2 of their contracts on for 1 or 2 smaller ones while giving them Cap Relief, I would think they’d have to at least consider it… This wouldn”t be just for this year, but if a character guy like Langenbrunner or Sturm were willing to come here for at least a 2-3 year period, Tallon should try to make it happen..

    I think the positive influences those guys could have might rub off on a couple of our other youngsters… Right now, I don’t see many vocal leaders on offense… Maybe Booth to lead by example, Reasoner too, but definitely not Weiss, Frolik, Olesz, etc… Defensively probably Allen and Wideman and Weaver, McCabe to some degree, but not as the ultimate kick-some ass-type CAPT this team really lacks… They wait until the slump gets too far to finally get pissed off… These soft Euros need to be held accountable…

    Overall the team has done well considering no offense.. Not that we expected a lot of goals, but certainly more than we’ve seen… They aren’t too far away, but December is rough… If they somehow don’t fall too far out in the next 30 days, then Tallon and Viner have to do something to give them a chance… PDB’s done a fine job with what he has.. I know everyone wants Hulton’s head and I’m sure if PDB really thought that was the issue, he already would’ve done something… Or even ran the PP himself… Treading water—can they do it through December?