Black Friday: Shopping For A Powerplay. Rangers Vs. Panthers

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Draw Your Own Conclusions. Source: Sun-Sentinel

After blowing a 1-0 lead in the third period Wednesday night against the Boston Bruins on a freak goal, and two more by elder statesman, or ageless wonder, Mark Recchi, the Florida Panthers held a 15 minute closed door meeting.  Whether chairs, water bottles, sticks and a football style face mask (see photo above) were thrown isn’t known.  I do hope however they discussed what store they were going to today to purchase a working power play.

In my business disability insurance is often referred to as protection for the “living death”.  The current state of the Panthers powerplay could be phrased the same way as the Cats are 0 for 1,678 chances.  It’s really sickening to see how horrible this portion of their game is.  To say that this is the “big elephant” in the room is a understatement.  At this point of the season it’s the reason they are 9-11 instead of 12-8 or even 13-7.

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  • slapshot1106

    PP won’t be legit until we get more talented FWDS.. Dmen are fine, but all the other teams need to do is pressure our talentless bunch and they give it up… And please don’t put Weiss on the point.. I don’t think anyone fears his slapshot… If he can’t produce as a FWD on the PP, then try someone else… There’s talent with Wideman, McCabe, Kulikov, and Garrison on the points… They’ll eventually score a few because it can’t get much worse…

    Tonight is pretty much a must-win.. It doesn’t look good as the Rangers are challenging themselves also, so we need at least to get to OT… December schedule is worse than November’s… If they can somehow stay afloat through New Years, January looks somehat favorable…

  • Frank Rekas

    Petr Purcha clears waivers. We don’t want to take a chance on him? Someone else is going to have to step up. Booth is stuck, and Higgy is the same. After that, it doesn’t matter.

    Tonight’s game is huge you’re right. It will also set up tomorrow’s against Tampa.

  • slapshot1106

    Prucha reminds me of a younger Dvorak.. I don’t think he’s the answer to being a finisher… maybe he’d be better than some of the others here, but I don’t see Tallon making this move unless it’s a better upgrade or he can shed some salary at the same time…

    One name I hear mentioned is Devin Setoguchi.. Someone like that would be a very reasonable upgrade.. Not sure if we could offer enough to get him, but i think they need Dmen.. Keep Weaver and offer up any other Dman… A right-handed scorer is what we need.. If not, I still say talk to the Sabres about Drew Stafford..