Caring Enough To Give Thanks

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Today being Thanksgiving, we at the FanSided Sports Network thought that we would do something slightly different, as well as show off our human side.  (Not too much though).  So this post is about some things that I personally am thankful for not only in the world of hockey, but in life as well.

There’s no particular order of this list, it’s just how the thoughts came into my teeny old brain.

Things that I am thankful for:

Of course you know I’m thankful for Bruce Springsteen.  Here’s a terrific performance from his tour in Barcelona, Spain with Bruce on piano singing Incident on 57th Street. No one tells a story like him.

* I am thankful and greatful that there is a professional hockey team here in Florida.  No not the Lightning, the Florida Panthers, goofball!

* I am thankful that David Booth appears to have recovered from his concussion problems of last year.  He’s a good kid and deserves a chance to have a great season.

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