Panther Gameday: We Care! Don't We?

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Boston Bruins



Florida Panthers


Due to some technical difficulties I wasn’t able to upload a Boston Bruins image.  But guess what? I don’t care.  Sigh.

Tonight the Boston Bruins visit the “caring” Florida Panthers in another important Eastern Conference home game for the Cats.  They will need to play with more physicality and aggression than they did against the Penguins on Monday if they expect to win this one.  While Boston has a solid record this season they are coming off a 3-1 loss at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning Monday night.

Here’s the TSN gameday preview.

Lazy Ass leads the Bee’s in points with 18 and Milan Lucic is their goal leader with 10, three of which came last week in Boston against the Panthers.  Tim Thomas who is 10-1-1 with a 1.49 GAA could get the start tonight and that would not be good news for anyone, unless you’re a Bruins fan.  Thomas has been spectacular this season after last year’s subpar performance.  Thomas is 8-1-1 in his last 10 starts.

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  • slapshot1106

    I probably won’t be there, but I’ve got a couple beers for anyone that pegs Horton with a rat…

    Since the Bruins are in town and we are still seeking some form of sniper, do we consider taking a chance on a Horton-clone lazy-ass Michael Ryder… 90% of the time I would say no way, but since I believe it’s an expiring contract, it may have potential… These Cats so lack a finisher, and especially a right-hander… Maybe Santorelli should be moved to wing to see if he could be that guy.. It would surely take some of his defensive responsibilities away, so maybe he could focus on being a sniper…

    I still think they should’ve tried to get in on Ray Whitney or Lee Stempniak, the right-handed goal-scoring type that wouldn’t break the bank… I realize they also need much more, but it would’ve been a reasonable score for the off-season that wouldn’t have broken the bank.. As of now, they seem to have a bunch of left-handed players/ skaters/passers, but no finishers… It’s been a common theme with this team for far too long, but since we’re in the middle of the pack, maybe it’s not too late to try to find one…

    Maybe take on 2 of the Bruins contracts in Ryder(expiring $4mill cap hit) and Sturm(a quality character player when healthy with probably a $3.5 cap hit) for a prospect Dman(Ellerby) and one of our suspect contracts(Rhino or Stillman both expiring)…. We have cap space available and they would get some cap relief… Any thoughts??

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap Shot: I have often thought of Ryder as a potential winger for this team. And then the alcohol wears off.
    In reality, he could be a player that can help us. But his history of being invisible is something that I don’t think we need regardless of the fact that he’s in a contract year.
    Plus playing for Julien is no treat, and I don’t think that Pete the Bore can motivate this guy to be consistent.

    Stempniak would have been a better option. As for Sturm, he’s very injury prone.
    The problem is there isn’t much else out there, and Boston will need to unlead someone when Savard comes back. I just don’t feel comfortable taking Ryder.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes you’re probably right. That’s why I’m not a good poker player, as I don’t have enough patience… But you do have to admit it’s irritating not being able to acquire even a mediocre sniper…. Repik proabably more of an AHLer, but we do need to try to find one for our squad too…

    Any chance a guy like Guerin would even consider coming here?? Hell if no one else will give him a chance, I’m sure he could come here for a 3-4 month winter vacation.. I’m sure he’s probably looking for a more legit playoff contender, but time to step in before and make an offer before other teams do so after Jan 1st…

    Other types of right-handed finishers we should consider would be Mike Knuble, Trent Hunter, Blake Comeau, Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford, etc…

  • Frank Rekas

    I’m not sure Guerin would want to come here. We aren’t close to a cup and I don’t think he’d some here to teach/lead.

    We have a glarring need, which has been well known for about 5 years. Someday it’ll get fixed

  • David Lasseter

    I think if the Panthers wanted Guerin, they would have gone after him earlier. And like Frank said, I don’t think he’s looking for our situation. He’ll wait it out til a contender comes calling. And as it is, the problem is far to big for Guerin to be a solution. He would help, but the problem would still be there.