Obvious Problems Need Fixing Don't They?

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Self Explanatory!

As my writing partner Dave Lasseter mentioned in his post game wrap up, the special teams last night doomed the Panthers.  I would like to add to that however a few more observations that I made while viewing the game at the rink in person.

Here’s the TSN boxscore.

And of course the Little Stevie point projection is now at 44.

The Panthers seemed intimidated, or scared for portions of the game.  they avoided traffic, there was virtually no hitting against a team that can’t stand to be touched.  Or should I rephrase that and say against a team that feels it “shouldn’t” be touched.  Most of the night the Panthers played as though they we would be happy with a tie and get one point out of this game.  This team which currently sits at 9-10-0 on the year could be better (did I just say that?) if for only a few adjustments and changes.

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