Who Cares? More Than You Three Stooges Know! That's Who!


I’ve had it!

Against better judgement I am going to keep this clean cause I would love for this post to get noticed by other media outlets and be recognized.  If anyone reading this has connections and you think it’s worthy, send it around.  Sorry for the shameless plug, but I have to tell you I’m pissed!

Last night during the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers pregame show on NESN,  a segment that they call Two Minutes for Instigating, windbag Mike Milbury and his schlep sidekick Jack Edwards basically humiliate the Florida Panthers Hockey Club with their idiotic statements.  Even former Bruin Andy Brickley who does color commentary on the Bruins’ television broadcasts got into the act as he and the other two buffoons tried to play good cop, bad cop.

The essence of the whole mess is that these three stooges (Biff, Boff and Boof) think that it’s very difficult to be a fan of the Florida Panthers.  That there is no hope for the Florida Panthers.  Milbury says that with even all the good draft picks the Panthers have, winning a Stanley Cup within the next six years isn’t going to happen.  Yea, Milbury, you should talk shouldn’t you?  Let me remind everyone that Milbury was the bright one that traded Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen to the Panthers from the New York Islanders for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha, so he could draft Rick DiPietro.  So how’d that turn out for you sunshine?  Take a look at his trading history and you’ll all see for yourself.  He should keep his yap shut.

Virtually everything that comes out of Milbury’s mouth that has to do with anything hockey related is gibberish and not very well thought out.  I wish that Jeremy Roenick had punched him last season after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup for his stupid as well as insensitive remarks.  He’s a television bully, and networks obviously put him on cause they think he gets move viewers.  What he generates is stupidity.

Brickley made a futile attempt to be somewhat positive about the Panthers, but it was only done to set up Jack (arse) Edwards so he could say, “let Florida build it up, and then move them to Quebec”.  “No one cares about the Panthers”. There was a time when no one cared about the Bruins either.   In 2005-2006 the Bruins won a total of 29 games for 76 points.  In 2006-2007 they won 35 games for 76 points.  And even though they have improved since then, who will forget their epic collapse at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers last season in the playoffs.  So it’s not like Boston hasn’t had their share of futility.  I don’t suppose you three would ever suggest that you’re beloved Bruins ever move out of Boston would you?

Those of you that read this site know that I’m not happy with the state of the Panthers, but I do feel that at some point they will get themselves out of this ten year tailspin, but moving them out of Florida is not an option.  The team isn’t going anywhere, and as any “smart” fan or even media person knows, when you win, people come.  It’s that simple. I hate losing and I have gone through a ton of it living in Chicago, but am smart enough to know the difference between caring and not caring.  There’s more caring and dedication about the situation down here in my fingernail then knowledge that came out of those three mouths.

Fans here are no more fickle than they are anywhere else.  We want a winner.  We are desperate for a winner.  But like any other smart fan, the only way to send a message to the owners and management about the way we feel is to stop buying tickets, and stop buying merchandise.  Some take it a step further and stop watching games altogether.  It happened in Boston, and most recently it also happened in Chicago.  The Blackhawks  got the message, and look what happened.  The Bruins had long been known for cheap ownership from Harry Sinden and silly signings and trades.  So it’s  not as though they’ve been immune to this either.  Kinda like the old phrase,” people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

Honestly, I think the comments by these three goofs should be used as fuel for Dale Tallon and the Panthers ownership and management to get down to business and prove not only to them, but the entire NHL wrong.  This franchise is going to matter some day, and when it does, I would love the chance to see these three apologize for what they said.

I am a transplant to Florida, and I’m not shy about my love for the Blackhawks.  But like many people who live down here, it’s not uncommon to still cheer for the team of the city you came from.  However it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about this team because we don’t go to games.  When Dale Tallon puts his stamp on this organization and turns it around, we will be a force to reckon with and will have gained back the respectability that we had during the first few years.

The Alan Cohen regime is over.  The stupid contracts are over.  The days of dumb trades are over.  Yes we are stuck with some junk, and some players who won’t be here much longer.   The new ownership group is here to change things, and as anyone who has half a brain knows, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Apparently these three stooges don’t have one brain put together.

Thanks to Donny Rivette of Litter Box Cats, one of the loyal fans like me for finding this clip, as well as for George Richards of the Miami Herald and On Frozen Pond for reporting.

Thanks for reading.  Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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