Veteran's Day Kitty Litter. Thank You.

Thank you to all the Veterans that have served for our country both past and present.

Today’s music video is Land Of Hope and Dreams by who else,  Bruce Springsteen, as I continue my month long tribute to Bruce.

The Florida Panthers helped extend the Toronto Maple Leafs losing streak last night with a very commanding 4-1 victory.  The Litter Box Cats gives out some nice kudos to Michael Frolik, Tomas Vokoun and Bryan Allen.

James Mirtle from The Globe and Mail discusses the Leafs struggles.

Here’s the boxscore from TSN on last night’s game.  Darcy Horidchuk had only two minutes of ice time, continuing the belief that Pete The Bore does not like that type of player.  Darcy was acquired because he has some skill, can fight when needed, and isn’t the liability that most enforcers are.  So then when is he going to get more ice time?  Double shifting David Booth will have him exhausted by Christmas.

I have absolutely nothing bad or negative to say about last nights game.  Well, except that Little Stevie had almost 20 minutes of ice time, with ZERO shots on goal.  He lost all 10 of his faceoffs, and made a horrible pass at the blue line during a power play that resulted in the puck going out of the offensive zone.  Yes that was me yelling from the lower bowl, “Get Off The Ice You Bum”! I felt better after i said that, but a fan to my far left looked at me as though he thought I was being kinda harsh.  Read the next few comments my friend. The projection for the year in points for Stevie stands at 40.  He has three goals, one of which went off his skate, and the other one an empty netter.  Not the production you want from your number one centre.

TSN’s NHL Quiz looks at Stamkos, Kessel, and Twitter.

From the “Did You See That” department, here’s Ilya Kovalchuk’s flub of the night, and quite possibly the year!

Many teams honored Veterans last night during the games.  Here’s how the Chicago Blackhawks did it at the United Center.  Very well done.

The three stars from Wednesday night from Puck Daddy.

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  • slapshot1106

    I caught my first game last night. Not majorly impressed as both teams seemed like they were scrambling a bit, but we really took advantage of their 2nd of a back-to-back and some shaky goaltending… Either way, we’ll take the 2 pts and run…

    Offensively, nice to see Matthias finish on the breakaway. It should give him some more confidence, and also the team as a whole… Frolik scored on a pretty bad short-sider, but maybe it sparks something in him… Other than that, I like Reasoner, but he is what he is… They need anything out of Weiss, more from Booth, Santorelli, Higgins.. I do think they need to stick with Santorelli because he’s our best chance for a right-handed sniper-type… Repik isn’t that guy… Hords should play more. Orr tried to goad him in after the 1-0 lead and he wisely skated off, but he can be an agitating, grinding, pain-in-the-ass type..

    Defensively, Weaver looks great. He just seems to always make the smart play… Allen had a nice blast and puts in decent minutes, but hopefully not too many minutes because that’s where the errors come… Wideman was fine, need more out of McCabe and Kulikov, and Ellerby brings some potential….

    Overall, improved PK will get us more pts than last year, but they really need to get some chemistry from the FWDs to compete on a nightly basis…

    • Frank Rekas

      Slapshot: I said it 10 minutes in, Toronto looks bad. Bad passing, lack of forechecking and poor puckhandling by their goalie. They are a mess, and quite honestly, they are playing like we were last season. That said, Matthias has been coming along, and I can’t remember too many times where we scored on a breakaway since the Bure days.

      PK is awesome. PP is, well, piss poor. They need 2 things on the PP. More shots from the point by McCabe, and a body in front of the net.

      For me the jury is still out on Santorelli. I like what he brings, and he’s got good energy, but can he finish?

      As for Little Stevie, I shared my thoughts. I would still give him $5.00 to check someone.

  • David Lasseter

    Santorelli has shown some nice playmaking ability but he needs to finish more of his chances. Booth needs to develop his shot. Right now, he’s getting open looks but he’s bruising goalie’s chests right behind the logo on the sweater. He’s been good but a shot is what’s keeping him from being great.

  • slapshot1106

    The saddest part is that we don’t even have one top-line in place… Usually it’s Booth–weiss–Frolik, but they haven’t been producing.. So now PDB is bouncing Booth around, trying to double-shift him here and there.. I can’t say that I blame him as he is their #1 guy, but maybe they should think about acquiring even a 2nd rate CTR… Preferrably a guy with size, but I realize it’s difficult to get teams to part with those types.. The Kings have Stoll and Handzus. Nothing flashy and not sure what they might want back from us, but maybe a 2 for 2 swap with a depth fwd/ Dman sent in return… At least it would be a fresh start… I think many of us are sick of watching Weiss, Olesz, Frolik, Stillman, etc.. Maybe I’m just being impatient, but even the Leaf win didn’t seem very rah-rah exciting…

    I would play Hords more for energy. I look forward to Bitz coming back in a couple weeks for energy, grit, and a body to screen the goalie…

    Eventually, we’ll have to give up a chip to get somebody back… Maybe Kulikov… Anybody else willing to package Kulikov and Frolik to the Isles for Blake Comeau and Wisniewski… We’d give up potential for slightly more proven guys…

    • Frank Rekas

      Interesting observations. We do however have a number two center, Weiss. I have been suggesting that we deal for a number one for a couple years. They are hard to find and won’t come cheap. If we can get someone’s number two who is bigger, then maybe that works as our number one. Stevie is too fragile for that spot.

      As for the trade with the isles, I personally wouldn’t want the Wiz here for a few reasons and money is only one of them as he’s not worth it.

      Not ready to give up on Kulikov yet.
      Our weakest position right now is center. Weiss and Santorelli haven’t shown much and that’s the area we need to improve.