Gameday Preview: Canes vs. Cats

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The Canes leading goal scorer is Eric Staal with four goals, and their leading point man is their first round pick, rookie Jeff Skinner who has 10 points to lead the team (4G, 6A).  Also keep your eyes on recent call up Jonathan Matsumoto who has two goals in two games.  why does that never happen to the Panthers?  Another player to watch, and not for his goal scoring, is hard working forward Tom Kostopolous. Known as Greek Lightning, Tom works hard all night long, is willing to mix it up, defend his teammates and if need be can play on both special teams and fill in on your top line.  Sorta like a jack of all trades.  Tommy isn’t all that special, but every team needs  at least one of these guys and his effort alone makes him valuable.

The Panthers are coming off a 55 shot performance against Chris mason and the Atlanta Thrashers in which they lost 4-3.  A game that would lead you to believe they were in control of, which at times they were, but the lack of goal scoring and accuracy continues to rear it’s ugly head.

Little Stevie is still struggling with powder puff shots and that friggin cage on his head for his missing tooth.  Also something about a tweaked ankle has him out of sorts.  What’s next?  Sunburn?  Clip a toenail too short?  Cut yourself shaving?  The current on pace production for the ass hat is 27 points.  UGH!

Tomas Vokoun had a bad night Wednesday and he admitted it.  Because he’s a pro and he actually cares.  Something these others should take a lesson in.  The Panthers however have won the last five of six here in Florida against the Canes, but that doesn’t really mean much any more.

While tonight’s game won’t be a barn burner, I’ll be there hoping for a victory.  And yes Little Stevie, I’m expecting some production outta you.  Points, hits, and hustle.  Show us what you got.  If you have anything left.

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