Monday Kitty Litter. DeBoer Is Content

Today’s music video is Ready To Start by Arcade Fire. No reason other than it’s the start of the week.  Are you ready?

Happy Monday to everyone and a big Happy Birthday to my brother in Chicago.  Didn’t get too many trick or treater’s last night, so the good news is more snickers for me.  the bad news is, my dental hygienist is going to give me crap about it in a few months.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes.

So while you are looking at your left over candy dishes here’s your Monday links:

Peter DeBoer wanted to deliver a message and a couple players heard it loud and clear says Harvey Fialkov.

With the victory over Montreal the Cats got the day off sunday to go trick or treating rest.  Harvey also wants your thoughts on the first month.

Daniel Briere’s cross check to the face of Islanders centre Franz Nielson is being reviewed today and a suspension is possible.  The Globe and Mail has the story and the video.  What say you?

Guess what?  Briere’s getting 3 games.

Brent Sutter is finding out what Mike Keenan did during his time in Calgary.  When you look at the roster you’ve got a pretty good team.  When they take the ice, it’s something completely different.  Puck Daddy.

Tim Warnsby has his Monday NHL musings. CBC.

Florida Panther forwards are not known as “sharp shooters” by any means.  Don Cherry had some advice the other night about where to place your shots.

Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser has a new book out.  Down Goes Brown includes some of the interesting revelations.

Ian Laperriere’s career is in jeopardy, but one thing for sure, his priority’s are straight.  The Hockey Writer’s.

Finally, head coach Peter DeBoer is content with the first month performance of the team.  Miami Herald.  Would like to say I agree, but, I can’t.

That wouldn’t be me :)

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