Does The Third Line Have A Nickname?

How To Dress For The Home Opener & Friday Kitty Litter

The Florida Panthers will finally play their home opener Saturday night as they host Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning.  At long last after a very long abscence, there will be regular season hockey at “The Bank”.

Stuff you should know as we head into game 4 of the young season.

The Florida Panthers organ-eye-zation is requesting you come to the home opener in blue for the teams first Blue Out. Just frickin’ fantastic.  I hate those third sweaters!  I knew it was coming.  I’ll be the guy in red.

After three games the Cats are 1-2 but things are significantly different in a number of ways.  The attitude seems different, the Panthers seem faster, and the bottom six are providing the scoring.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s what others in the NHL media are saying after last nights victory over the Calgary Flames:

George Johnson of the Calgary Herald called yesterday’s contest a “sleeper” of a game.  He’s right, but for us, we’ll take it.

Scott Cruickshank of the Calgary Herald referred to the Flames as Flummoxed, and the Panthers as Upstarts.  The name calling is beginning already.  At least were not being called heartless right?

Led by the third line of Marty Reasoner, Radek Dvorak (who scored twice) and Cory Still-Man, a unit if which is held together will be lovingly referred to as The Century Village line on this site, was the reason for the victory over the Flames.  Look at TSN’s box score yourself for proof.  Reasoner leads the Panthers in points with 4.  He’s on pace for quite the season.  Should he continue at this rate he’ll end up with 54 goals and 54 assists for 108 points.  That would equal almost half of his entire NHL career totals of 227.  It’s not going to happen, but hey, it’s fun to say, so let’s enjoy it.

Tomas Vokoun was chosen by Puck Daddy as the top star for Thursday night’s games.  Couldn’t agree more as Vokoun looks very sharp at this point of the young season.

The Western Road trip ended up being more positive than negative.  Still some things to work on but Karl Selvig thinks that there are some silver linings amongst the clouds.

Finally, only in Los Angeles could this be pulled off.  Slash the former lead guitarist of the rock band GunsN’Roses performed the National Anthem for the Kings opener.  Can the Panthers top this?

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  • EJ

    I think the Flames looked worse than the Panthers looked better…but I’ll take a win any day.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes the Sutter boys will probably be lucky to make it past November… At least the Panthers are rebuilding with youth. After this year, they get rid of quite a bit more salary… Calgary keeps trying to hang on signing aging vets.. Nothing against Olli and Tanguay, but this will be Calgary’s downfall… Not enough youth being brought in, they’re a desperate team and it looks like it’s caught up with them…

  • dan

    It seems llike these Calgary newspapers are always taking shots at the Panthers after they lose to them. I think it was a couple years back when after a loss they just made fun of our attendence. A bunch of sore losers if you ask me. But then again, who wouldn’t be a sore loser if you lost to a team with as little respect as the Pnathers.

  • Frank Rekas

    People in Calgary are getting impatient and are anxious. The Sutter clan is wearing out it’s welcome. Honestly, Darryl Sutter was a better coach than he is a GM. He’s done things without discussing them with his coaching staff, and signed players that have left people scratching their heads.

    Iginla one of the most talented players around has never had a true number one center to feed him the puck. It’s a shame, but Calgary will struggle all season if they continue to have efforts like this.
    Give the Sutters till December 20th. If Calgary isn’t in a playoff spot they could be on the way out.