Stop Lying To Me!

Sorry youngsters, but this may not be a G rated post so watchout.

I’m tired of it.  I’m sick of it and I quite frankly have had enough of it.  What is it?

Lies.  Every year there are lies.  Lots of them.

The excitement of the Florida Panthers season has been squashed for me, and it makes me so frickin’ angry I want to hit somebody or something.  I feel as though the entire fan base has been hit in the groin.

How much more of this crap are we supposed to put up with?  Every year we are told about the direction that we are headed.  Be patient, things will work out.  We have the pieces, we have the players, we have the coach.  Now we have the GM.  We have the right people in place to make this thing work. We’re a sleeping giant.  Yea, we’re f$%kin’ sleeping alright.

And then, as what always happens, happens.  The lies.  Yes, it might be a touch harsh, but after all the years that I  have been a fan of this now laughing stock team, they prove once again that they can f$%k up a one car funeral.

The Erik Gudbranson situation was mishandled like a bad handoff between a quarterback and his running back.  This has “could come back to bite us” written all over it.  Was the front office not paying attention to the details and the situation at hand.  Let me spell some of it out for you:

* Erik Gudbranson drafted third overall in this summer’s draft is told that if you play well enough that he will be given every opportunity to earn a spot on the team.

* The player declares that he wants to play here, and will do everything he can to earn a job.  Something that we aren’t used to hearing is players saying “I want to be here”.

* He stands up for a “Brother” and gets into a fight and almost fractures his face, gets a nice gash for his troubles, while the veterans are watching in awe.

* The head coach of the team declares that he has earned a spot on the roster and basically gives his approval that the player should be given at least a nine game tryout.

* At the Town Hall meeting, fans are told that everything will be done to sign this player.  He deserves the chance to be  here.

*  The public basically now knows that at least a nine game trial is on the horizon.

* The organ-eye-zation  basically steps on their penis and doesn’t sign him.


Bad enough we’ve sent a player back to juniors who has basically nothing to prove there, and could actually regress.  What is Erik going to learn by playing with 16 and 17 year olds?  What boggles my mind is that this player really wanted to be here, and did everything he could to at least earn the shot.  In the past we’ve had players who didn’t know if they wanted to stay, or couldn’t make up their mind if they wanted to stay, and we hung on to them so long that the value we got in return was equal to a 24 pack of Molson Canadien.  We ultimately couldn’t convince them to stay.

My concern is Big G, who has two years to agree to a contract gets pissed off and doesn’t sign and goes back into the draft.  Oh what a kick in the ass that would be right?  It’s all about money, most of it bonus money that couldn’t be decided on.  If you’re curious as to what the numbers work out to, check out  To save you time for doing the math, the maximum that a player could earn if he hits all the bonuses is $3.75 million.  This includes salary.




To pour salt on the open wound, we put Michael Grabner on waivers because he didn’t make the team and the New York Islanders pick him up.  Now you know what’s going to happen don’t you?  Playing with John Tavares, Matt Moulson and Kyle Okposo, Grabner will score 25 goals.  Did it ever occur to management that goal scorers we acquire don’t score cause we have no f$%kin’ playmaking centers? Hey, Brendan Morrison a veteran center signed in Calgary for $750,000.

We signed Andrew Peters who’s a slug on skates to a $500,000 deal to be a part time enforcer.  We trade him Wednesday to Vancouver for former Panther Darcy Hordichuk who makes $800,000.  Darcy has been here, we’ve done that.  EXACTLY WHAT DALE TALLON SAID ABOUT WHY WE DIDN’T ACQUIRE OLLI JOKINEN!

Also, Keaton Ellerby a former first round pick in 2007, still, yea, still can’t make the team.  How does Scott Luce have a job still?  Me and my partner Dave Lasseter could probably do a better job at scouting.

So, let me guess, come trade deadline time when we’re 30 points out of a playoff spot, we’ll hang on to Tomas Vokoun, Bryan McCabe, Cory Stillman and Steve Reinprecht right?

Sorry fans, I’m tired of this.  I work hard for my money and am wondering why I keep spending it on this boring, losing team with no superstar and no future player that we can latch on to.  The worst part as I said yesterday was trying to explain to my daughter what’s going on.  I have no answers that make any sense to me.

If any of you have ideas, I’m all ears.  I’ll listen.  But don’t lie to me.  I’m done with that.

Thanks for reading.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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  • Laurel

    This is getting beyond ridiculous in my opinion.. Im so sick of hearing that we are on the right track but then they let good people slip through the cracks.. don’t they realize good players = good playing = fans happy = fans BUYING stuff??
    The only thing that has come out of this slump for me is CHEAP seats (I pay more to watch a high school football game) and cheap fan gear.. but WHY BOTHER at this point.. if I didnt love hockey as much as I did.. I would give it up all together… Its times like these I was in an area that appreciated the sport better and UNDERSTOOD IT!

  • Laurel

    -not done lol
    And another thing! It just seems like they are purposely setting us up for failure year after year… are they trying to get rid of the Panthers in Florida?? Maybe the thought seems drastic but you have to start to wonder what the hell is going on.. Everyone is more concerned abotu their concerts and luxury boxes but no one is giving the season ticket holders or the fans anything to appreciate or even a reason to come back the next time!! Ill always keep that faint shred of hope but some days its reallllllllly hard to see… :(

  • Frank Rekas

    Could not agree with you more. The sillyness of all this is becoming a bit too hard to take.

    The mood that describes my feelings now is Bitter!

  • Karl Selvig

    Bear with me here as I play Devils’ advocate. Who’s spot would you like to have seen Gudbranson take on the blueline? You want to see Garrison, who will be 26 next month, spend some more time in the AHL? Paetsch got waived already, or maybe cut another guy with a one way contract so he gets picked up on waivers too? It’s not the same situation we had with Kuli last year. We aren’t doing any better with Guddy in the lineup, so when McCabe gets traded, or Allen gets hurt, he’ll be able to jump in when needed. I don’t have any doubts he will be signed at some point, and he’ll be one more year developed.

    From everything I’ve read, I just don’t get the feeling that he’s the kind of kid who’s gonna say “oh, you didn’t sign me right away, F you, I’m leaving.”

    • Frank Rekas

      Karl: I hear you and all I’m asking for was the chance for the 9 game audition that seemingly was promised. Knowing that is now not happening just multiplies it for me.
      Who’s spot? Weaver?
      Its just another question of judgement that we all continue to have.
      I really don’t think Erik would tell us to buzz off, but as you can tell that was written in the heat of the moment.

      That said, it’s frustrating, and it wears on you. I don’t expect a playoff spot this year or a Stanley Cup next. I do however expect a progression. I just don’t see it with the cast we are stuck with

      • Karl Selvig

        Trust me, I’m as frustrated as anyone. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, as I’m sure most everyone is that takes time to read or write a Panther blog. But I guess I just had assumed this was a rebuilding year before it even began. I do think there is hope coming. With a core blueline of Kulikov, Garrison, Ellerby, and Gudbranson, all currently 25 or under, there is hope. With Markstrom coming up to replace a traded T-Vo, there’s hope. Weiss, Booth, Frolik are good enough to start the rebuilding. Bernier’s only 25, who knows where he is in the future but he shows signs. Repik and Dadonov will get big boy playing time at some point this year. Guys drafted this year like Howden or McFarland or Bjugstad will be a part of this team soon enough.

        It’s coming, but this will be a long season barring the incredibly unforeseen.

  • slapshot1106

    I don’t have great patience either and I’ll admit some of it is quite frustrating, but way too much negativity here.. A lot of assuming the worst, but relax a little and try to believe that Tallon, Santos, and PDB are slowly turning things around.. Yes I realize it’s 10 years of frustration we’re all really pissed about, but let’s cut them a little slack along the way so we can move forward as an organ-eye-zation…

    Bad contracts are the biggest thing slowing the rebuild. i think we have to unfortuanely bite the bullet this year, then Allen, Stillman, Rhino, Clemm, maybe Bernier come off the books… more decisions to be made in regard to keeping T-Vo, McCabe, Higgins, Dvo, and others, so there will be a lot more opportunity.. So yes it’ll probably be a frustrating year by year’s end, but I like to think they can make strides along the way.. Maybe Santorelli sticks, maybe Matthias proves he belongs, potential from Wideman, Frolik, Weaver, Garrison, and even possibly Olesz(humor)..

    but some of the of the other stuff is just a bit overblown:

    Grabner was more about ridding themselves of Ballard’s lengthy overpayment.. He didn’t have what it takes, so it sounds like just another guy JM would love because he skates so well, but lacks quite a lot of the other stuff needed..

    Ellerby is one I’ve criticized before, but he’s improved, gives us some hope, and maybe even gets used as a trading chip down the road so we have room for Guds–next year..

    • Frank Rekas

      Slapshot. I hear you, and while I try to eat a sandwhich for lunch and quickly respond, my best answer right now is, I’ve had enough of all this to last a lifetime.

      While I trust Dale, I realize that he does not have the final say when it comes to money.

      People can bitch all they want about other coaches and GM’s that have been through here, but Jacques Martin ruined us!

      Look at how fast Colorado turned around. How about Pittsburgh who stunk. Sure they have Crosby and Malkin. I’m not expecting the Cup right away, but we need better judgement.
      And I obviously need Paxil :)

  • longidstancefan

    I think you are over reacting a bit to the entire Gudbranson situation. 18 year old dman rarely make much of an impact in the NHL. You can find exceptions like Myers last year, but as a whole, 18yr old dman are not that valuable at the NHL level.

    Teams like Detroit have shown the benefits of bringing their talent along slowly. Of course, they’ve had the quality of rosters to give them more options, but it still illustrates the value of patience. Another year in junior is not going to hurt Eric. In fact, a year in the AHL next year would be terrible either.

    Gudbranson’s current situation mirrors Bryan Allen’s in 1998. He was a 4th overall pick. A big physical defensive defenseman (probably with less offensive upside as Eric). He played very well in his first camp with Vancouver and had the team made, but did not come to a contract agreement and went back to the OHL, played in the world juniors, etc.

    If you look up his numbers for his pro years following that year, you’ll see they were less than impressive. He did suffer from injury problems early in this career which slowed his development, but he still didn’t jump right in and instantly become the top 2 or 4 dman he was projected to be.

    Just like with Allen, it usually takes a while for dman to come into their own and reach their potential. Fld has lots of time with Gudbranson, and that extra year of his contract not only could be good from a $ perspective, it gives Fld an extra year to evaluate what they have before having to make a decision wrt locking him into a long term contract.

    All that said, Gudbranson would only likely at best be a slight upgrade on anyone else currently in the lineup, and that’s not going to solve their biggest question, who’s going to score?

    • Frank Rekas

      Appreciate the comments, and thanks for coming here.
      My emphasis is that I believe that he should have been given the opportunity to play the 9 games and see if he can hack it.
      I really don’t think playing with guys younger than him will help.
      That said in a few months I’ll get over it :)