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The eve of the NHL season is upon us!  Phew, it was a long off season.  Have I said that enough?  The puck drops on Thurdsay and I can’t wait, as I’m not really one for pre-season games since they don’t really mean too much unless your fighting for a job.  Wins are nice, but loses can ruin your disposition, and our Florida Panthers are struggling, so the questions are already beginning.

Enough of that, here’s what you may have missed from the past week in the NHL.

To start your day off, check out the video’s from Puck Daddy as Goalies Gone Wild are on display.  Sit back and enjoy for about 20 minutes.  Some funny moments.  close your office door if you have one, you don’t want to be bothered.

Down Goes Brown reviews the Eastern and Western Conferences as only he can do.  Take a read.

So You Think You Can GM?  Four Habs Fans takes a look at the Canadiens roster and potential moves that may or may not be made.  Also they’ve upgraded their site for the season.  Oh boy, watch out now!

Speaking of Montreal, they just named Brian Gionta as their captain for the upcoming season.  Stay Classy gives us some things to look for when naming one.

Many fans wonder what the real purpose of the pre-season is besides figuring out line combinations, who makes the team and who doesn’t.  Matt Reitz at View From My Seats has some other things to consider.

Some Dallas fans are getting together in a request to have the team drop the name Stars since they no longer have any.  Intent To Blow has the breaking news.

Are you tired of all the stupid Pink t-shirts and other silly marketing gimmicks the NHL comes up with to appeal to the women fan?  The Active Stick is tired of it as well.  Quite frankly I have to agree.

In case you missed it, we here at FanSided have a writer that is blind.  Yes, blind.  John Panarese one of the writers for Eye On Isles wrote about the five things he loves about hockey.  Please give it a read.  You’ll be glad you did.

A huge rally was held in Quebec City last week in hopes that they may be considered as the next destination for an NHL franchise.  TSN reports.

A very interesting article from Mike Chen over at From The Rink about NHL animal Logo’s.

You all read my rant about the Jay Bouwmeester media shenanigans last week.  If you didn’t here it is.  I found a Calgary Flame perspective that you might like as well.  Careful if the kids are reading as Dome Beers gives their version.  Which isn’t too much different than mine.  Or Mike Peca’s.

Keep an eye on The Rat Trick as we’ll do our best to bring you udpates, roster changes and news and notes as we approach the start of the season.

If, and I hope it’s when instead, Big G signs that contract, the minute me or my partner Dave Lasseter can get to a computer and tell you, we will.

Thanks for reading.

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