A Gaze Into the Crystal Ball…

Photo Source: Dallas Observer

The eve is upon us! Florida Panthers rookies report to Incredible Ice (I’m still calling it that, I don’t care what horrible auction-winning corporate moniker it is now called officially) tomorrow and that can only mean that we are mere weeks away from the NHL regular season!

In anticipation of the new Cats taking to the ice for the first time as Panthers, let’s make some fearless predictions for the upcoming season! So as I look into my crystal ball (an empty bottle of Molson Canadian), here are just some of the things I see in store for the Panthers and their fans for the 2010-11 season:

- Panthers COO Michael Yormark will present three embarrassing ticket promotions before the end of the calendar year.  Once again, Panther fans will collectively wonder  just who exactly he has incriminating photos on.

- Pete DeBoer will give Andrew Peters one 30 second shift of action before sending him down to Rochester.  Soon, after a loss, he will lament that his team is not tough enough and got pushed around. The sound of palms hitting foreheads will be audible from all over South Florida.

-Sometime around the trading deadline, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren will have recurring flashback of Patrick Kane’s uber soft Stanley Cup clincher last season.  Tomas Vokoun will be a Flyer shortly thereafter. I’ll still hate the Flyers and fondly think of Jovo owning Lindros!

- Michal Repik will struggle to find ice time again.  And I’ll be left awake at night wondering how last season, DeBoer made ice time for Kamil Kreps but can’t make it for Repik this year!  I mean, Kamil Kreps! Are you kidding me?!?!

- And the last prediction, Panthers management will scrap their ridiculous Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum plan by December when they realize that a certain NBA team across town is drawing juuuuuuuuuust a little more interest and attendance.  Nice try gentlemen, but you know what sells hockey tickets? Winning hockey!

That’s it for now. Expect more posts about how things will shake out league wide as we get closer to October 7th.  See you at the rink!

Any and all comments are appreciated.

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  • slapshot1106

    Repik = overrated = AHLer…and another missed draftee…

    Who cares how many minutes and games Peters plays? He has a role, hopefully PDB will use him when needed, and only wish we had more CHARACTER guys on the roster… Just wish some of them had some talent too…

    I say it’s an entertainment business. It’s not his fault that the Panthers don’t have enough talent on their top 2 or 3 lines… Peters offers a service that every team should carry in the NHL, even if they only play 40-60 games… It’s ridiculous that we would have to give a guy like Olesz or Stillman or any other softyy FWD a position on the 4th line just to try to squeeze out a few more goals because our roster lacks legitimate talent… Make the games exciting, build some character that will make for more competition on other lines, and eventually the bad contracts will get weeded out… But don’t sacrifice RESPECT just to sneak into the 8th spot one of these years… Make your guys scrap and hustle like the western Canadian teams like Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, etc.. Eventually you will get talent through better DRAFTING and management, but keep the entertainment there for the fans in the meantime too…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slapshot: While this is partly an entertainment business, the Panthers will not be very entertaining. In all actuality, they haven’t been entertaining since Bure was on the roster, and Keenan was behind the Bench, and then in the GM slot.

    We’ve been bored to death by JM, and DeBoer isn’t all that much more exciting. Players like Peters are needed, yes. The Panthers however cannot afford to have a player with his lack of skill taking up a valuable roster spot. Unless he gets real time. Which most likely isn’t happening.

  • slapshot1106

    What I’m saying is they should put out an entertaining product out there to make fans want to come back.. I’m not fighting is everything, but it does fire up many in the building, so why not provide entertainment? Many of these fans are coming in with freebie tickets, and the only way they may give hockey a second chance is if they are entertained… So ye winning brings fans, but there’s also a way to provide entertainment when your team is still rebuilding…

    JM was more worried about trying to sneak in the playoffs. This seems to be the sentiment around here that they’re so desperate for scoring, they’d rather play soft, AHL-talent players in hopes that one of them develops… This hasn’t happened, and the games are brutal to watch.. No talent, no respect, no character, no guys that are willing to stick up for each other… PITIFUL…

    I’m not saying Peters is the ideal guy, but I do think every team should have a guy like that on your team.. Yes it would be better if he was a little more talented like Neil, Orr, or Carcillo, but we need someone to run around and send a message and create excitement once in a while… Peters is a lesser skilled Ben Eager, but better than a McIntyre..I believe it’s important to have role guys on your 4th line.. And please don’t say that we have Bryan Allen because he doesn’t even like to fight…