The Soap Opera has Ended

Finally we can get on with our lives.  The NHL’s version of the Decision has come to an end with the approval of the Ilya Kovalchuk contract.  15 years says the contract.  15 years that Kovy will be a New Jersey Devil.  The total value of the package is worth $100 million dollars.  TSN has the full story here.

The NHL itself certainly took it’s time reviewing this deal, and threatening to void other contracts that may have been trying to circumvent the cap.  Although it now seems that those “other” deals are grandfathered and will hold up.  The problem in all this lies with the fact that, the salary cap hasn’t quite accomplished what it was supposed to.  My comments and thoughts below will echo that, as well as some other items to think about.

* Is Kovalchuk really a good fit for the New Jersey Devils?

* Now that the Devils are over the cap limit, someone, or two or three is going to have to be moved.  Travis Zajak, Jaime Langenbruener, Bryce Salvador, and possibly Brian Rolston.  Hey Mr. Tallon, you reading this?

* If the Devils fail to win the Cup anytime soon will Kovalchuk’s new nickname be Kovychoke?

* The NHL should not be looking into contracts that are already in effect.  But make sure that there are no more that are given out that attempt to test the CBA.  Don’t look back, just move forward.

* Have we seen the last multi-digit contract handed out?  Will there now be a bunch of nine year deals?

* Who here thinks that Kovy survives the entire 15 years with the Devils?  I’d bet that Zach Parise stays longer.

*  Greed.  Who has it worse?  Owners, players, or agents?

* I thought the salary cap was going to provide more opportunities for the “lower end” teams to become competitive.  Similar to the parity in the NFL.   Yet since the lockout there are five teams that have yet to see the playoffs.


* If any contract were to be voided, it would have to be the Roberto Luongo contract.  10 million dollars?  Are you kidding me?  That contract should be voided and GM Mike Gillis should be fired for handing it out.

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  • slapshot1106

    Too much money and too many years… Not my type of player… I guess it’s a last ditch effort to make another run before Marty calls it quits. Also, I kind of wonder if a lot of this was more pressure from ownership, or did Lou really pursue Kovy? I’d have to guess it’s the aggressive owership forcing Lou’s hand as some have rumored, so they’ll have to win at least 1 or 2 Cups to make this signing pay off…

    My guess is NO CUPS, and it will be Lou’s career downfall, especially when they have Cap issues year after year, and eventually lose guys like Parise, Zajac, and Langenbrunner.

  • Frank Rekas

    I like Kovy and he is a gifted goal scorer, however, I agree with you, this gets NJ nothing.
    He doesn’t make the players around him better, and like many foreign players is invisible when it counts!

  • Blades of Funny

    “Now that the Devils are over the cap limit, someone, or two or three is going to have to be moved. Travis Zajak, Jaime Langenbruener, Bryce Salvador, and possibly Brian Rolston. Hey Mr. Tallon, you reading this?”

    I think the Rolston contract could very well be one of the worst ones going in the league right now, a notch below the Reddens and Drurys of the world. I don’t think you want Tallon to go that route! (Although the Panthers have cap space to take it on without much worry, I guess.)

    I don’t see any chance of Zajac getting moved, even though he’d be like a perfect fit for the Panthers (and many other teams, lol).

    What slapshot1106 said above rings true with me, too. It totally looks like Lou is making one final push for the Cup. I’m curious as to what he’ll end up doing to get under the cap.

  • Frank Rekas

    Blades: The Rolston contract is a bad one for sure. However maybe there’s another player or two that’s available and we can unload on of our “bad deals” too!

    Lou’s push for the Cup I think will come up empty. That team is getting old!