A Rat Trick Birthday!

Happy Friday to all my loyal readers.  While I know that your basking in the glory of having tough guy Andrew Peters added to the club, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks, and make a few comments about my time here so far, and what you’ll see going forward.  This past Sunday August 15th 2010 was the one year anniversary for this fine blog site known as The Rat Trick.

My how time has flown!  Just like the nine consecutive years of no playoffs, and approaching a tenth.  The twelve years of no playoff victories!  Can you believe it’s been that long?  The last time the  Florida Panthers won a playoff game Bill Clinton was President?  Yikes, that sucks!  But hey, let’s not focus on the past, and let’s move forward to the future.  As a Panther fan you want to believe that it’s bright.  Changes are being made, with more to come.  Don’t lose hope my good readers.  Things will get better.  Eventually.  One thing we can count on is that new general manager Dale Tallon has a plan that has worked before, as proved by the  Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup last season.

As we are about to head into the new season, and we celebrate (at least I am) the one year anniversary of this site, let me reintroduce you with what I am about.  I realize that since this site started there are some readers who caught on early, or in the middle, and some who caught on at the end.  There some who have yet to find their way here, which I can’t understand why, but so be it.  There are also some who never came back.  Pittsburghers, you know I’m talking about you.

However, I have also had a few old friends find me as well.  You know who you are.  I would like to say thanks to everyone!  You may not be Panther fans, but you obviously cared enough to stop by and I do appreciate it.  Although it was probably the Blackhawks articles that attracted you. :) Needless to say, if you come here everyday, I truly appreciate your dedication.  If you have never left a comment, why don’t you?  I answer ever single one of them.  Except for that person from Pennsylvania that I removed!

My intention is to write things as I see them through my eyes.  Even if they are aided by glasses and a couple of Molson Canadiens.  I have no reason to be a arse kisser for the organEYEzation.  When this team stinks, I’ll tell you.  When they play well, I’ll tell you that too.  If Little Stevie (check the terms of endearment) is draggin’ his ass, you’ll know it.  When Vokoun is standing on his head, I’ll make sure you’re aware of  it.  Do not however expect me to be sympathetic, make excuses, or tell you what you want to hear.  That’s for the newspapers.

Yes, I’m a season ticket holder, a fan that wants to win, and a passionate fan of the game.  I expect tough physical play as well as skill. Because I write for these here Panthers doesn’t mean I’m going cover up stupid penalties, lazy play, poor attitude, and no heart.  Remember boys and girls, ten years of no playoffs.  We’re not going this year.  We may not go next year, but that doesn’t mean we have to play like it’s over.  This team can be competitive and play hard every night.  If they do that, and are at least somewhat exciting to watch, then we can call that progress.

If I have ever offended anyone, I didn’t mean to.  If I ever said something derogatory about your favourite player that you didn’t like such as “Cindy is a crybaby”, it’s because he is.  I mean, it’s all in fun.  Mostly.  If hockey fans weren’t as passionate as we are, it would be like watching paint dry!

My dedication to this site and my readers is what keeps me writing everyday.  Realizing that sometimes it’s hard to get something on here due to work, and life in general, I do my absolute best to give you material to read.  As well a video here and there, and of course my standard “Saturday Song of The Week”.  I try to put in a little humor, sarcasm, as well as truth in my posts.  Can you handle the truth!  My photo’s that I sometimes use are intended to be funny, or describe what I think of a situation.

There are players in the NHL and on this team I don’t like, and players I do.  There are coaches that also fall into both categories.  And of course you know how I feel about certain teams.  As for our Panthers, until this teams wins, none of that matters.  Produce, play hard, leave it all on the ice everygame.  Or get out!

In closing, you know that since I am from Chicago, my heart still bleeds for the Blackhawks. The happiness that I felt this summer for them finally winning after 49 years will be something that I will never forget.  I had tears in my eyes that night after  Patrick Kane scored the winning goal.  I had tears in my eyes the following Saturday watching the parade in Chicago.  Trust me, Panther fans, if that day ever comes, you will too.

Thank you all again for a great year, and for more to come!  Keep coming back everyday.  Make some comments, vote on the various polls (vote for your favourite sweater now!), and tell your friends!

I also have to thank Adam  and Zach Best the co-owners of FanSided Sports for giving me this chance.  They really are the best!  Also, to all the new friends that I have made as part of this network.  It’s the people like you and the camaraderie, and competitiveness that we share, that makes this fun!

I leave you with this video from Hockey Night In Canada.  One of the best pregame videos you’ll ever see.


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  • http://www.laurelserraphotography.com Laurel

    I love fining blogs/articles like yours and since I stumbled across it during mid-season last year, I have followed it daily! As a former Hartford Whaler fan who relocated to south Florida, I was estatic when FL got a team.. it gave me a piece of what I missed from home. And I’ve been a dedicated Panther’s fan from year one! Thank you for taking the time and energy to put your thoughts to paper and be willing to share them with us, the fans (yes there are still some of us out there) We know that to get this team out of the gutter its going to take work, but most of us dedicated fans are willing to take that journey, and I can only hope to do that and stay attuned to whats going on from day to day with the help of your writing.. Thanks again and I look forward to a productive year!! (ps BOOOOOO PENGUINS! lol)

    • Frank Rekas

      Laurel: Thanks for the comments. Great start to my day!
      Yes, things will get better, but as we all know there’s going to be some pain for awhile.
      Hanging in there will be difficult, but no matter what we still love the game. And dislike the Penguins!! :)

      Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget the Facebook fan page, and Twitter!

      Have a great weekend!

  • http://www.bladesoffunny.com/ Blades of Funny

    Congrats, Frank!

    I’m guessing you forgot about the anniversary of the site seeing how your celebratory post was delayed by 5 days. I hope you don’t forget your next wedding anniversary in this same manner ’cause then The Rat Trick probably won’t see its 2nd birthday.

    • Frank’s Wife

      ^^^^ what he said.

    • Frank Rekas

      Didn’t forget. There was just so much other “breaking” news to report, I thought I would cover it on a slow news day!

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    asham to the pens for 700k. close yo what peters got

    • Frank Rekas

      my only guess is that he didn’t want to come here. In looking at the roster for this year, would you? I felt he would have been a perfect choice awhile ago, but, we know DeBoer doesn’t like these types. That will be one of his downfalls

  • http://www.litterboxcats.com/ Donny Rivette

    Happiest of B-Days to ya, Frank. All the best from your pals at LBC. Keep up the fine work, brotha!

    • Frank Rekas

      Thanks Donny. Appreciate it. You do the same!