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THN Predicts Panthers 15th In The Eastern Conference

The Hockey News has come out with their preseason prediction and for the Florida Panthers I can’t say I disagree.  I  know, I know, you would expect someone who writes for the Panthers to actually get pissed off and argue this and get all crazy and counter with reasons about how wrong they are.   Such as “what the hell do you guys know, you picked them to finish 12th last season, as did I.  You were wrong.  They finished 14th! Ha!

Here’s the link to the entire story.

Well boys and girls who read this site, and that probably means all 4 of you, plus the Penguin fans whom always seem to show up when I disrespect them, the truth hurts!  First and foremost and hopefully you’re bubble ain’t burstin, but the kitty kats won’t finish any higher than 14th tops!  In addition there is 0.00000000000000001% chance we go to the playoffs.

I’m not making this post my official preseasn prediction, as that will come later just in case we make some huge acquisitions either via free agency, or trades.  I wanted to at least make you aware of the media’s initial thoughts on the subject.

It’s going to be a long season.  You’re going to need a lot of patience and alcohol to survive it.  If you don’t expect too much, then you won’t be disappointed.  That’s the key here.  manage your expectations.  Just like I tell my clients who have money in mutual funds.  If you expect a 20% return, you’ll be disappointed.  This season is no different.  Expect the worst, plan for the worst, and if they do better, then opa!  It will be viewed as progress.

Don’t get all whinny now.  Leave that to Crosbitch.  It’s tough for some to admit, but face reality.  We have a roster that lacks a number of attributes that make a team successful.  There’s ingredients that are missing and most likely won’t be addressed till next offseason.  Go ahead and look at the roster from the Hockey News.  I mean, who are some of these guys? 

What’s missing?  Not to go into detail, but let’s start with a right wing that can score.  A power forward that can play on one of the top two lines.  A fourth line player that can not only be pesky and aggressive, but can put the puck in the net a few times.  Overall team toughness and a defensive system that keeps the average shots against below 30. 

Faith in Dale Tallon is a given.  He will get it done, unless the organEYEzation stands in his way, which hopefully they don’t.  It’s just not going to be this year.  So 15th isn’t all that far off.  Face it, it can’t get any worse right?

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  • slapshot1106

    Frank– Just because they’ve ran a highly dysfunctional organization for 10++ years doesn’t mean they’ve REBUILT.. And that’s much of the problem; they’ve been too worried about trying and hoping and praying they could sneak in for a playoff run, so they’ve never REBUILT…

    And thankfully Tallon came in and disposed of #16.. Even if he didn’t get all that we would’ve hoped, I still think it’s addition by subtraction…

    The rebuild that’s on, whether they call it that or not, looks like it has brought organizational DEPTH.. It should create competition in Rochester like they haven’t seen in years…Let’s just hope we reap some of these rewards somewhere in the not-too-distant future…

    • Frank Rekas

      Slap shot: Depth is one thing that they’ve been missing. What I want to knos is why for the last ten years ahve we gone without a bonafide superstar? Why there has been no attempt to trade for or sign a goal scorer? Why do we continue to sign middle of the road players?

      We haven’t made a big splash in years. Think about this question. When was the last free agent signing that made you say WOW?

      That said, yes, this rebuild is giving us depth, but let’s face it, this team needs wins!

  • slapshot1106

    Yes wins would be nice, but they’ll come in due time after they reap the rewards of a TRUE REBUILD–not half-ass attempts of changing 3rd and 4th liners… Believe me, I’m the last guy that should try to preach patience, but we can’t get rid of bad contracts… It takes time…

    And as far as us not having a true superstar for however long, I think we both know there’s many reasons for that.. Drafting poorly is probably #1, but also the fact that we don’t have the fan support to justify blowing $$ on just one or 2 guys… So partially, we’re up agianst it because we don’t have $$ to blow like the Rangers, Leafs, etc..

    As far as superstars go, I think it only makes sense to justify it here when you’ve built a solid CORE.. Nobody’s done that here. Everyone’s hope for far too long that Horton, Olli, Weiss were supposed to be our core, and we see that was a lot of the problem.. Even as exciting as Bure was, it was probably more damaging to the organization.. Mainly because almost all the decisions blew up in their face, then you add poor drafting and more mismanagement on top of mismanagement…

    So I hope everyone realizes the superstar available this year is Kovalchuk, and that would be the worst thing they could do… Trying to get a superstar by trade is a longshot, especially when you don’t have much to give in return… So we have to wait to develop… Build character throughout, respect will be built, and eventually solid free agents will consider coming here… As well as more fans due to a winning product, and more $$ to spend… Yes easier said than done…

  • EJ

    I think you are absolutely correct about: 1) failing to make playoffs; 2) finishing near last or last in the conference; and 3) sitting through a very looooooong season.

  • UnhealthyScratch

    To your question, I actually got the idea about Stals + picks for 2C from a comment Hack made the other day.

  • Anonymous

    Also, the self-effacing approach is a bit cloying from you. I suggest more of a Chris Block “listen up bitches, here’s the deal” tone.
    Like my handle below? OK, I won’t use it again.

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  • Matt Reitz

    Yeah, it’s hard to argue that the Panthers won’t have a bad year. BUT, there’s a huge difference this year… enough though it could be a long 82 games, for the first time in a LONG time, there’s actually a point. The depth of the prospect pool is better than its been in a while, and it sounds like the organization understands that there needs to be an actual plan in place for a re-build. It might sound obvious, but having a plan is more than having a Top 5 pick, screwing up the rest of the draft and hoping that the team comes together.

    Have faith. And more importantly, have patience…

  • Frank Rekas

    Matt: Agree with you on the patience end of it. There is a plan, and while I can’t stand the thought of another rebuild, here we are.
    I trust Tallon, yet I at least want a competitive team on the ice. Which I belive that he’s working on. Looks like he’s being careful and doesn’t want to overspend. Makes sense, as the Panthers can’t afford anymore wasted contracts.