5 Teams I Love To Hate.

I would bet that everyone has a list like this.  For one reason or another there’s always a few teams that just grind at you.  Make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and just all around piss you off.  I know that hate is a really strong word, and Mrs. Rekas tried to tell me as a young boy to not use such a word. But this is hockey.  Passion.  Determination.  Competition.  There’s no way I can say that my first choice is a team that I don’t care for.  Sorry mom, I hate them!  Here’s my list:

1) Pittsburgh Penguins:  I didn’t always hate the Pens, but since June 8 1992 I do. I literally cannot stand them and everything that they represent.  They swept my beloved Chicago Blackhawks 4-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals.  I was at the old Chicago Stadium for the final two games, and watched as Mario and Jagr carried the Cup around.  Utterly disgusted with that, the hatred has only become worse.  Crosbitch and his whining, Matt Cooke and his elbows flying, and all the others that are continually shoved down our throats by the media.  I’ve had enough of them and their fans, as the above picture shows.  After watching two Stanley Cup Finals in a row with them in it, I am surprised I didn’t slit my wrists.  Some would say I got my redemption this year since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.  Sorry Charlie.  If you’ve read this site at least once, you know, a passionate hatred runs deep once I develop it.  This one stands by itself!

2) Detroit Red Wings: Othwerwise known as Scum or the Dead Wings, this team is actually 1a on my list.  Granted they have become a model franchise for drafting, acquiring free agents, and surviving the playoffs despite average goaltending, they still seem to make life miserable for the opposition.  They have created the new style of offence called puck possesion, which actually is kinda cool.  If you have the right players to play it.  They always are a good matchup to watch.  Except when they play the Penguins in the finals.  That was agonizing.  I’ve seen many a battle through the years, and beating them brings almost as much pleasure as watching the Penguins lose.  Or Cindy cry about a call he doesn’t get.  Almost.

3) Vancouver Canucks: I love the city of Vancouver.  It’s actually one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Water, mountains, fantastic weather, and great people.  Although I question some of the fans. Which leads us to their hockey team.  I mean who the heck throws a parade after you win a first round series?  Really?  Get a hold of yourself.  With the Sedin sisters, that loser goaltender you have, and the inability to hold your tempers in check, you’ll go another 10 years without a Cup victory.  Plus the green men aren’t funny any more.

4) New York Rangers: Even though they are an original six team, I can’t bring myself to like like or tolerate the Rangers.  Glen Sather and his spendthrift ways haven’t worked.  How is it possible that he still has a job with them?  High priced players, and poor production out of them would get most any general manager fired.  One of the most overhyped organizations around, they continually fail to impress and deliver.  Besides Marion Gaborik, they are a bore.  Plus, they employ Sean Avery.

5) Carolina Hurricanes:  Why are they on the list?  Easy.  Every time the Florida Panthers are close to getting into a playoff spot during the season, they end up playing and losing to the ‘Canes’. EVERY time!  The Cats just can’t seem to get past these pests.  A number of years ago, a loss to the Canes prompted then coach Mike Keenan to say in his post game presser that “This team doesn’t have the mental capacity to play playoff style hockey when it’s needed”.  Truer words have never been spoken.  On top of that didn’t the Panthers trade down from number one to number three in the 2003 draft, allowing them to pass on Eric Staal and take Nathan Horton instead?  See where that got us?  Although I do like fellow countrymen Tom Kostopoulos known as “Greek Lightning”.

Dishonorable mention:  As much as I’d like to add a team here, that would only dilute the five that I actually do hate.  However, I will add that any team that employes Sean Avery would be in this category.

Who’s on your list?

Thanks for reading.

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  • http://thehockeywriters.com Karl

    While I might be jealous of the Wings, I can’t bring myself to hate them. Even when they were going Gangs of New York on the Avalanche, I found myself hating Colorado instead. The Wings simply know how to win and they do it the right way.

    Tops on my list is the Flyers. I’ve only lived in Florida, and only loved the Panthers, so my rivalry history is admittedly shorter than others, but the ’96 series with Philly felt like pure hatred. It hasn’t really dissipated, and only got worse with the Richards v. Booth “incident” last season. I simply don’t like the style with which they seem to take pride in.

    Sure, I have a strong dislike for the Penguins with the NHL and NBC wanting to crown them champions every November for the past 3 or 4 years, and Crosby’s gotten a bad reputation going, but they are kind of fun to watch, if only to root against them and laugh at Cindy every time he hits the ice… And yea, I really don’t like the Rangers and their obnoxious fans that invade the BAC every December. But until they finish better than 7th and out in the 1st round with their $492 billion payroll, it’s hard to use “hate” on them. As far as pure hatred goes, it has to be limited to the Flyers.

  • http://www.bluelinestation.com Mike Hirsch

    I feel as though I have to step in here and defend my Broadway Brothers. As a representative of http://www.bluelinestation.com (that’s right, I plugged on your comment), I feel as though you hate the Rangers wrongfully.
    As it even seems in your comment, you don’t hate the Rangers, you hate Glen Sather. And while I can not agree with you more on that subjects, I feel as though you are relaying that anger onto the wrong subject. Don’t hate the Broadyway Blueshirts, hate Glen Sather and his abundance of Stanley Cups and and his 10th most wins of all time. Okay, maybe he shoulda stuck to coaching. Or got out of the game after he proved he knows nothing about the new one.
    But don’t hate the Rangers. We do nothing but lose. That’s like hating the Pittsburgh Pirates, it’s sad and pathetic. I mean even their best player of all time hit 3,000 hits and then died in a plane crash. We’re not many rungs up from that.
    I just ask that you reconsider who you actually hate. We’re the good guys! Besides, I hate Cindy Criesby as much as you do!

    • Frank Rekas

      No offence Mike. Believe it or not, I actually rooted for them in ’94 to win the Cup. Or should I say I rooted for Mike Keenan! Either way, no offence to you or the Blueshirts!

  • Ziggy45DMB

    It’s funny how jealous you are of the Pens!

  • Frank Rekas

    I promise you, there’s no jealousy about it at all!

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