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Welcome to another Monday edition of The Rat Pack. A few thoughts, a few comments, and as always a few links to some posts that if you didn’t get a chance to read, well then you should.
Ok, let’s get right to it:

* The Florida Panthers acquired/signed four players last week that almost no one has heard of.  Unless you’re a hockey geek like me, the names T.J. Fast, Mike Weaver, Joe Callahan and Mike Santorelli meant nothing.  Creating depth and competition is one thing, but lets get some NHL’ers, not ECHL and AHLers.

* Speaking of these fab four the total amount of their contracts added up is equal to $2.69 million.  Why not just sign a guy like Lee Stempniak  for $3 million a season?  A proven NHL forward who’s young and can score?  I mean isn’t that what we want?  (that was for you Hank)

* Max Afinogenov is going to the KHL.  Wow! A five year deal which would put Max at 35 years old when it’s done.  I know he’s a bit of an enigma, but he’s proven that he can score when he puts his mnd to it, and last season had a really decent year with Atlanta.  So no one (Panthers) in the NHL has a need for this guy?

* The Calgary Flames will host the Montreal Canadiens in this year’s Heritage Classic.  Fantastic news, and glad to see that it’s two teams from Canada rather than an Ovechkin and Crosbitch matchup.

* Teemu Selanne is returning to the Anaheim Ducks for season 18.  Even with Scott Niedermeyer retiring, the average age of the Ducks has got to be pushing in the mid 30’s.  Or maybe it just feels that way.

* It’s official.  Or is it?  Chris Chelios is finally retiring, or at least taking off the skates.  There’s a story floating around that he’s going to be working for the Red Wings organization.  Hmmmm.  If the Wings were smart, and I know that they usually are, Chelios should have something to do with strength and conditioning. 

* The Chicago Blackhawks said no to Antti Niemi  and the arbitor’s $2.75 million award to the Stanley Cup winning goalie.  Can’t really fault them for that.  Besides the fact they don’t have the room, I’m not so sure that he’s worth that much.  With basically a half of an NHL season under his belt, as well as a Cup Final, we have to remember the team that played in front of him was superb.

* Marty Turco however will now be the main man in Chi Town.  For virtually half of what Niemi was awarded, the soon the be 35 year old veteran goalie gets to take his glittery pads to a team that he really wants to play for.  He had turned down about 3 or 4 other offers that were apprently higher in salary than what he’ll be getting from the Hawks.

* Mike Modano signs with the Detroit Red Wings.  After 20 seasons with the Minnesota-Dallas franchise, Modano who feels he still has something left in the tank, will be playing for Detroit.  This will be weird.  Very Weird.  Also, what number will he wear?

* A quality player, mostly known for his hard work and dedication to the game, Glen Metropolit, known in Montreal as “Metro”, will be taking his skills to Switzerland with a two year deal.  Canadien fans aren’t too happy.  A third/fourth liner who scored 16 goals last season.  How many grunts on the Panthers bottom two lines would we have to put together to get 16 goals?  Let’s not count Olesz and Dvorak who get time on the second line.  Metro is a true grinder, who can play.  The NHL will miss him.

On to the links portion of the show post.  Take a few minutes and read these:

A near fatal accident during surgery almost killed, yes that ‘s right, killed former NHL coach Jacques Demers.  One of the great personalities of the game, Demers tells his story in this  TSN article, that I would bet most of you don’t know about.

The Active Stick  compares Guillaume Latendresse to Kyle Wellwood.  Proving that Marty Brodeur is not the only player referred to sometimes as “fat”.

Did you know that there’s a hockey blogger code and secret society that us hockey bloggers follow?  Stay Classy  surprisingly gives up the details.

There’s been quite a bit of blabber about Steve Yzerman taking over as GM of the Tampa Bay Lightining.  For some reasons my colleague Blades Of Funny  doesn’t want to be friends with Steve.

Every offseason teams are analyzed by the moves that they make, or don’t make.  Down Goes Brown  has his opinion on this years winners and losers.

Anthony Curatolo at The Hockey Guys  put together a great story about relocation and retraction in the NHL.  Must read stuff.

Last but not least, I had a chance to fill in for Jeff Bartl at Blackhawk Up  as he was out of town for a few days.  Here’s my story about another Chicago Blackhawk leaving the Windy City.  The end result Hawk fans?  Don’t worry.

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