What Would You Pay To See This?

Here we go again.  Another gimmick effort to sell more season tickets to an impatient fan base.  On the heels of acquiring four players last week who couldn’t fly under the radar any more than they already have, the Florida Panthers have another seat promotion.

Here’s the link.

Mike Santorelli,  T.J. Fast, Mike Weaver, Joe Callahan, Ilya Kovalchuk, certainly not household names that’s for sure.  So marketing has to do something to get us in the building right.  I mean if we’re not going to watch legitimate NHL players, we certainly can’t sell tickets for what they really are going for can we?  I mean if we put a diluted product on the ice, we must dilute the ticket cost right?  Oh, and we’ll toss in the parking too!  But please enjoy a couple of $8.00 beers!

Remember last month’s offer?  Seats Fit For A King? The Florida Panthers jumped on the LeBron to South Beach craze.

Well, for some reason, I went to the Cats website last night (yea, I don’t know why) and the above picture is what I saw prior to getting into the website.  WTF?  Another silly, lame attempt to get more arse’s in seats?  Really?  Name Your Price?  Pick your seat. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3? What? 

Well as you may know, I have a season ticket plan.  Been a seat holder for 12 years.  And not in the cheap seats upstairs either!  I’m in the lower bowl!  But this attempt to name your price, kinda like Priceline.com for your hotel and rental car seems a bit smarmy.  Pardon my cynicism, but it’s just another headshaking move that bothers me.

I trust Dale Tallon.  I know he’s going to turn things around, but when I see marketing plans like this, my head spins.  We want a team that will play hard, work hard, be exciting, and win.  As the season approaches, I don’t get that feeling.  Make me feel differently someone, and explain yourself with real reasons.  Otherwise you can’t possibly believe this season will be anything but a dud.  If you do, your delusional.  But I’ve said that before.

So loyal readers (all 3 of you), what would you pay to see a bunch of third and fourth liners I mean AHLers, er hockey players on a nightly basis?

Well if anyone has a price in mind, let me know.  I’d be curious to see if you end up sitting next to, in front of, or anywhere near me for less than what I pay.  Just sayin’. I guess I can’t fault them for trying to fill the arena, but be careful employees of the organEYEzation.  I’d bet that this comes under discussion at your next town hall meeting!

However, I do like how Dale looks in the photo!

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  • slapshot1106

    They don’t want to commit to prices on paper, because they know that will just piss off more of the current season ticket holders… So they just try to get you to commit to a price, and then they’ll just push you to the upper-lower bowl seats… Really I think this is just an exploratory thing to see how much interest out there…

    Another fairly creative marketing scam here, but it would be interesting to see how many seats and at what prices they’ll be given away for… If they would just put out reasonable price charts where you could be locked in for 3-5 years without too many increases, then I would consider a package.. But I don’t trust these guys, because as soon as they create any reasonable demand, they’ll gouge you to try to recover years of losses…

    At least they’re moving on from the Lebron marketing scam–that was embarrassing…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap Shot: While it’s creative the issue that I have is that it dilutes what people like I pay for, or should I say ahve paid for in the past. This year, I do have a great deal, except for the exhibition game that’s part of my package which I’m NOT happy about. A very high price for four tickets to see exhibition hockey!

    Nonetheless, if we put a better and more competitive product on the ice, then they don’t need to resort to these tactics.

    Use the creativity to get a better roster.

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    frank, dale looks good because he’s been relaxing and golfing alot this summer. looking at the roster, what you see is what you get. I think we spent like 3mil on those 4 players instead of like signing a 28 goal scorer like spempniak, who by the way is only 27 yrs old

    • Frank Rekas

      Hank: Yea, Dale looks well rested, but I’m srue he’s getting himself ready for the season.
      I would think that as we get closer to camp, he’ll take a stronger look at either potential free agents that are still available, and trade options.

      As for Stempniak, he may have priced himself out of the market. I wouldn’t mind him, but don’t want to over pay.

  • slapshot1106

    I’d say no to Stempniak at $3mill… No reason to chase and spend too much $$$, unless somehow you can find a bonafide player… And that’s not happening until we develop one of our own draft picks…

    Higgins is a very nice fairly-priced risk. I think he has upside for 25++ goals…Grabner has potential for growth.. Other than that, the Panthers can’t spend too much because they’re stuck with bad contracts they can’t get rid of, unless they do buyouts or basically give them away…

    The smart play is what they seem to be doing. Change some faces here and there. Create competition through DEPTH. Maybe they get lucky and catch some nice chemistry like Phoenix or the Avs had last year…

    The one area I’d like to see changed before the season is grit and toughness.. I suspect they will find at least one, maybe 2… Then roll the dice. I’m not as negative as many here. i think the NHL now lets you remain competitive longer… I think they could make a run at the beginning, then probably tail off later on toward the deadline.. If they could manage reasonable success while rebuilding, I’d be more than happy.. As long as they’re continuing to improve the roster, and putting a smarter, more exciting product over time…Patience…

    • Frank Rekas

      Slap Shot: While Stempniak would be a good acquisition as I mentioned to Hank I don’t want to over pay for him. Although, I would have accepted the 3 mil for him and avoided Higgins all together.
      I see what Tallon is doing. Creating depth and competition. That’s fine as it’s amongst each other on the team. However, and Hank, you can chime in too, I don;t see it resonating onto the ice.
      We aren’t going to be very competitive.
      I also am preaching patience, but we’ve waited 10 years.

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    the upside to stempniak is he’s 27 yrs old. again we probable paid very close to 3 mil for the 4 guys we just signed. weaver is 32 and the others are all ahl’ers at best

  • Frank Rekas

    Yep. For some reason the Panthers seem to be shying away from long deals and big numbers. Thinking less cash means more competition. But less talent means less wins! And less people in the seats.
    Which led them to Name Your Price!

    I wonder if they even made a pitch to Stempniak?