I Am Going To Get To The Truth!

How Much Do You Really Know?


Ben Sumner the lead writer for Capitals Outsider  put up a post that will test your NHL knowledge.  Think you’re smart?  You might be, or you might not be.  Some of the questions are easy, but some aren’t.

So, when you have a few minutes, or need to kill some time, or just want to abuse your work privileges, take the test.

I’d be curious to see how you did.  Respond back in the comment section.

Go to PuckLife.com.  Log in with your first name and your favourite team, which is probably the Florida Panthers right?

Good Luck!

Thanks for reading.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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  • Sam

    Most of the questions I got to were not very difficult. The problem is that the network here sucks, so it took off at least 3 seconds per question to load. At 62 questions, that’s an extra 3 minutes I could have used to finish up the last 38. Too bad. I got 44 out of 62. I will finish it up when I get home.

  • Frank Rekas

    Sam: I think it’s designed so that you won’t finish all 100. You have apparently 10 minutes tops. I’ll access it tonight and see how I do.

  • Sam

    I took the quiz again, and I got through 98 questions this time. I got 70 correct. Not great, but apparently good enough to not be a hockey moron and allowed to read Pucklife.com…

    • Frank Rekas

      Sam: You must be a speed reader. I’ll be doing mine today during lunch hopefully! We’ll see how it goes