Let’s Toughen Up Panthers!

Dale Tallon  Florida Panthers general manager has stated more that once or twice that he’s looking to add team toughness.  He wants his version of the Florida Panthers to be a tough team to play against.  A team that will not give up easy, and a team that will give you a battle.  “No one is going to come in to our building for an easy victory”. 

Well in order for that to happen, the team needs some toughness added to the roster.  Players that will back each other up (Mike Richards hit on David Booth).  Players that will finish checks, and work hard along the boards, clear players from the crease.  And provide that big legal open ice hit when required.  So far, the roster while having changed slightly doesn’t look too intimidating. 

Here though are some examples of the types of players that are needed to toughen this team up:

Eric Belanger in this past season’s playoffs removes his own tooth on the bench. Doesn’t miss a shift.:

Want toughness? Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks lost seven teeth in this years playoffs when he blocked a shot during a game against the San Jose Sharks. He missed about seven minutes of the game, and still ended up playing almost 30 minutes anyway. That’s tough! But the crazy part of it was how he was after the game, and how his teammates talked about him a couple days later!

Here’s a look at some of the biggest hits that have been layed down. Now if we can see some of this, then yea, we’ll be tough to play against.

Tough guys are needed on every team. There’s certain players that do it for a living, and that’s there entire purpose. Some though are fortunate enough to have skill as well, and not just be a guy that plays two minutes a night. The Panthers need to acquire some of this toughness. Here’s another video of NHL Tough Guys:

I know what Dale Tallon meant when he said I want this team to be tough to play against. It’s the stlyle of hockey I love. Hitting, checking, crashing the boards, and standing up for each other. Playing the game the right way, with honor, courage, and determination.

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  • http://yahoo.com hank

    come on frank, we got tough guys. How bout weiss or maybe frolik or how about mr toughguy dvorak. Man we don’t need toughness, we need men not boys. haha

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: I know you are kidding. I will never think of Little Stevie as tough. Remember when he couldn’t play with a broken pinkie finger?
    Compare that to Duncan Keith! And Weiss is a leader?

  • slapshot1106

    Lack of toughness is why I’m surprised he doesn’t bring Tarnasky back… And it’s not just Tarnasky, but he has to fill the void somewhere… Shelley’s gone, Asham’s still available… We wouldn’t want Boogard, and definitely not for the $$$ the Rangers will be paying him…

    This is one area where I’ll be disappointed if Tallon doesn’t step up and find a guy or 2… Of course I’m sure he’s having trouble off-loading many of our other soft FWDs, but he’s got to find someone from the AHL that’s wants to earn an NHL check..

  • Frank Rekas

    Slapshot, I saw a rumor, that Asham could be going to Tampa. While I can’t confirm it, that would be another team that is not only adding bodies, but tough and skilled bodies as well.

    I hope this isn’t another General Manager who was told one thing, and now it’s actually something else that he’s aloowed to do.
    Still say JM stuck it to us.

  • slapshot1106

    Yes I saw tampa was interested, but it would be nice if Tallon could get in on a guy like Asham before he goes elsewhere… I’d offer him 3 year @$1.5per… It would be a solid character signing..

    The only problem is from Asham or someone else’s point is that tampa and/or many other teams will be much more competitive before the panthers.. Can he find someone willing to suck it up for 2-3 years?? Probably not, that’s why I suggest finding a younger AHL guy that’s looking to make a name for himself…

    I still think at some point the only way we upgrade before the trade dealine would be to swap at 1 or 2 of our bad contracts for another team’s, or give up one of our more supposed promising talented(yet softer) FWDS in Weiss, Frolik, Grabner, etc… I’m willing to take that chance. I think they want to keep Weiss becasue he’s a CTR, so I’d say Frolik or Grabner might bring the best return.. Either way, we’ll probably have to wait until the deadline. Maybe pair 1 of those 2 with either McCabe or T-VO and we might get a decent player back…probably from one of the Cap-Strapped teams that needs a rental D or G for a Cup run..

  • Frank Rekas

    Well, food for thought here, Keenan wanted Asham a few years ago, but that deal never materialized, as many others.
    That said, yes, he’s a pain in the arse, but you want him on your team. At some point a leap of faith and a chance needs to be taken.
    I’ve said it 100 times at least, trade Weiss. To some he has value, and his contract is decent. We aren’t winning anything with him. Cut the cord. He’s not that special

  • slapshot1106

    Weiss is decent player, not great, but also reasonable priced… I wouldn’t mind seeing him go, but I doubt the return would be justified. Anyone that trades for Weiss is going to want him as a 2nd line CTR, which is probable what he is… Therefore, the return will probably be less. I say unless someone’s willing to give, they probably need to keep him for now at least… Maybe at the deadline, when you’re making other deals, you send him off for a pick and a prospect… The only other way is to find a team that needs to get rid of a contract at some point, but that’s probably not gonna happen either… Like it or not, I think most of our progress will depend on the results of this year’s draft, and next year,etc..