Thanks For The Mess You Left Us With

Tallon Has A Mess To Clean. Thanks Jacques!


So here we sit my fellow readers (all three of you) and ponder the future of this hockey club, our desperately playoff bound beloved Florida Panthers. Yes, the future of this team appears to be bright based on this years draft, and the addition of Dale Tallon as the general manager, the right man for the job.  However, I must refer to myself as a hypocrite based on how this post is going to go.  I haven’t ranted, spewed any venom, or gone on a f-bomb tirade since, well, awhile!

See, I’ve been preaching patience this summer.  I’ve been telling you as well as myself that it’s going to be ok. That things will work out.  Just this morning as I was thinking about what to name this post as I wrote it last night, I remember something that my first boss’s wife told me when I was 16.  Grace was her name,( and yes the name fit) told me that patience is a virtue.  Well Grace, little did you know how much that small phrase of yours would come into play all these years later.

My patience is running out.  Quickly.  It’s almost the end of July and while many of you may think that the roster has improved over last year, it hasn’t.  What have we done?  We traded that lazy ass Nathan Horton  to the Boston Bruins.  Ok, good move, as he didn’t want to be here.  What else?  We moved the baseball swinging erratic defenceman Keith Ballard, and picked up a fast but untested youngster in Michael Grabner, and another version of Nathan Horton in the body of Steve Bernier.

The big free agent signing of the summer,  Chris Higgins.  One year at $1.6 million.  Certainly a much better use of money than what Uncle Jack and his sidekick fat Randy were tossing around.  Now I’ll be the first to say that this year’s crop of free agents isn’t the best, and no, I don’t want to spend $190 million over 30 years for Ilya Kovalchuk, but for godsakes, what the hell is going on?

I will tell you my loyal reader(s).  Dale Tallon said it himself the day of the draft.  You can’t trade players that nobody wants.  There!  That’s the problem.  Caused by Uncle Jack who had the balls to flee the scene of the crime and take one of the most coveted jobs in hockey, coaching the Montreal Canadiens.  Almost by osmosis, (cause he certainly didn’t do it himself) got them to the Stanley Cup Finals too.  Imagine if that would have happend? I digress.  He left us with a pile of crap that we can’t move.

Rusty Olesz, has four years left on a $3.125 million per year contract.  Who the f&*k is going to take that, unless we take back someone else’s junk?  Bryan Allen, whom I actually like regardless of his wonky knee, has two years left on a contract that pays $2.9 million per year.  Losts of money for a d-man that doesn’t score, and has slowed down.  Yet we wouldn’t give a two year deal to Karlis Skarstins, who signed in Dallas for under $2 million.  Our highest payed forward is David Booth at $4.25 million.  Concussion prone, he may not be the same player, and if he’s not, we’re stuck with him too.  Certainly not his fault, but a six year deal?  UGH!

So to answer the question of this post, yes the Panthers are stuck. You can thank that no good broken english speaking former coach and general manager Jacques Martin for that.  Some people out there think that Mike Keenan set this team back when he traded that loser goaltender Luongo.  No friggin way.  I will defend that move forever. Wanna test me on it?  Let’s go!

The damage that Martin has done will have lasted another two years AFTER he has left because of the crap we can’t move.  You can also thank his sidekick Randy Sexton for for a couple more blunders.  Ville Koistenen, and the dumbass trade with Jay Bouwmeester.  Although Martin can also share the blame on that one too.  This organEYEzation knew for 18 months that Jay wasn’t gonna be here.  There were many deals on the table that weren’t made.  Imagine Jeff Carter on this team.  Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond, Kevin Bieksa.  Just a few names that were tossed around.

Dale, if you’re reading this I have all the confidence in the world in you.  However, our patience is running out.  We want a team that is competitive, tough, and exciting to watch.  I know you can do it, and I know it takes time.  But we’ve suffered 10 years without a playoff run and can’t stand it anymore.  We need some hope.  We need something to look forward to.  I know there aren’t alot of Chris Higgins sweaters being sold, but something has to happen.

My suggestion?  There’s a nice young forward in Anaheim named Bobby Ryan.  Call Bob Murray (an ex Blackhawk) and make a deal.  They can’t sign him and it would show that this team and organEYEzation is committed to putting a winner together. 

That, would solve my patience issue.  And Grace would be proud of that!

Thanks for reading.

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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  • hank

    frank, the only positive I see is next years free agents. Vokun,Stillman,Dvorak,Bernier, Higgins,Grabner, Bitz, Taffe,Frolik,Matthias,McCabe,Patchse. What might be worse is who we have under contract thereafter. Weiss, Rhino,Booth,Oleszh,Weidman and Allen. Tallon better be HOUDINI

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: That depresses me even more!

  • hank

    frank, next years draft pool is considered weak as well is the free agent pool under 30 years old.

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: You are sending me to the abyss! :)

    • Blades of Funny

      btw, Tallon must have read your post because he just pulled off a major deal!

  • Frank Rekas

    Ralph, thanks for the suggestion. In an effort to maintain my ultra preferred rating for insurance, I will refrain from prescription medication.
    A case of Molson Canadien however, will allow me to survive the season.

  • hank

    frank, I’m lost. 33 year old Marty Reasoner? HELP I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

  • hank

    frank, jeff taffe just hit the lottery

  • Frank Rekas

    First to answer my friend Blades of Funny, I am defending the Luongo trade from the standpoint that he didn’t want to stay here because the team was unstable. He was making quite the demands for someone who hadn’t won anything, even on a crap team. He wanted a press conference announding that we would never trade him? Really? I firmly stand behind Keenan not giving in and making Bobby Lose a rich man at the hands of this team. I’m not denying he’s not a good goalie, but he’s not a great goalie. And for that, we have been no worse off without out him. Everyone in the organization agreed to make the trade. It was at a time when ownership was not pressuring to win. And for that, this franchise has paid dearly.

    I hope that Vancouver enjoys paying him 10 million dollars!

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank and Blades of Funny or Emperor as you know are known: The Reasoner deal is another salary dump. Taffe makes alot less than Reasonor and the Cats were a perfect trading partner. Not much of an upgrade if any, but he’ll probably be the 4th line center, and can move to the third line if needed.


    I don’t think Dale read this today. If he did, maybe I wasn’t specific enough!

    So, another year where we acquire the journeyman player?

    I guess things don’t change.

    • Frank Rekas

      Hank: Yep, must be. Although, there is no guarantee that Taffe makes the Hawks. They probably have someone in their system that’s better!

      • Blades of Funny

        lol, no question Luongo is a diva and one who has problems dealing with things mentally, imo — if he ever fixes that, look out!

        Still, at the time he was 27, entering his prime and considered by many as the future best goalie in the league. Trading him for a 31-year-old Bertuzzi who was already slowing down and had the baggage associated with him wasn’t a smart trade. Allen turned out to be a reliable top-4 defenseman but at that time he was coming off one decent year in that role because of injuries to Jovo and Salo which depleted the Nucks blueline. Even though he was a high pick, I don’t believe anyone in 06 thought of a then 26-year-old Allen as a potential top pairing defenseman.

        I wasn’t too familiar with the goings-on of the Panthers franchise in 06 — mostly due to the fact your fine blog wasn’t around and now I’m forced to read about the Panthers because I do enjoy your writing — but when you wrote this:

        “It was at a time when ownership was not pressuring to win.”

        It makes things even more baffling. If that was the case, then why didn’t they go out and get youth/picks in the trade rather than a 31 y/o Bertuzzi.

        Trading Luongo may have been the right thing to do, but they were hosed because of Keenan’s fetish for Bertuzzi.

        Jeez, I’m much to serious this week. lol.

        • Frank Rekas

          Emperor: Some day over a couple cold Molson’s I’ll tell you the story behind the whole situation. Yes Keenan had a crush on Bert, but other deasl were in the works, however the Cats didn’t want to take back big salary either. It was a mess.
          Keenan has his plan, and the plan the organization had was no longer the same. Thus the “No pressure to win” comment.

          You’d actually have to be here to understand it completely.
          But hey, thanks for reading. You came back at least three times!
          We are so appreciative!

  • hank

    frank, salary dump on the hawks end? What are we the dumpster outback of publix? I guess tallon is trying to make friends.

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  • Ralph Lucarella

    Well, take Zoloft, it’s worked wonders for me!!!
    This coming season is a throwaway year, you have to deal with it.

  • Blades of Funny

    Frankie Baby,

    Ryan would be nice in theory but he strikes me as someone that could end up being a problem. Plus he benefits greatly from the players around him in Anaheim.

    Also, would you be willing to give up what Burke did for Kessel? ‘Cause that’s probably what it would take.

    Re: Luongo trade…

    I would LOVE to hear you defense of it. I think I know how your defense will play out but humor me, man! :-)