Panthers Sign McArdle, Duco, Plante

A depth move for sure as the Florida Panthers signed forwards Kenndal McArdle, Mike Duco, and goaltender  Tyler Plante on Thursday, all to two-way contracts.  Meaning that all three players will see time in Rochester for sure, but will be given the chance to either make the big club or will certainly see playing time because of injuries.

Or a benching?

Nothing to write home about, but as I have said before, control your expectations about free agency this summer.  No big bangs, and no major signings will be coming this way.

Work calls for a busy day so I apologize for the short post.  Here are a couple places to go and see more about the signings.

George Richards from the Miami Herald and his blog  On Frozen Pond.

Steve Gorten and his blog from the Sun Sentinel.

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  • hank

    frank, wow exciting signings. UFA’s comming off the books next year is about 19mil. what do you think about signing either Stempniak or Ponikarovsky?

    • Frank Rekas

      Not sure about Stempniak. He seemded to be lost in Toronto, yet thrived in Phoenix which might mean that the west is more his style. If Tallon can build the team to look and play like the west, maybe he fits. Obviously as we have both talked about, toughness is lacking.

      As for Poni, or as Cherry calls him, Pokeahoskey, my intial reaction is let’s give him a try. He’s a big body, can skate for a guy his size and has a scoring touch.
      But, he seems to float alot, and isn’t great in the corners.
      Another Horton? Thought he would be snatched up by now, but maybe if we give him a 1 year incentive laden deal, maybe it works?