Dale Tallon Should Be Busy. Source: Sun-Sentinel

Thrashers Get Big. Panthers Must Repond!

Dale Tallon certainly has his work cut out for him.  Even before Wednesday’s blockbuster deal between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, we all knew that there was work to be done.  The Atlanta Thrashers improved themselves quite nicely by adding forwards Big Buff, Ben Eager, defenceman Brent Sopel and prospect Akim Aliu.

Atlanta now becomes bigger, tougher and could be a nasty team to play against in the division.  Much like when the President speaks, there then is the democratic or republican response, this is what we need.  A response.

Surely Tallon is working hard to make more deals.  We now have a crowded defence with the addition of Dennis Wideman, and rumors are going around that the likes of Keith Ballard and possibly Bryan Allen could be on the move.  I’m certainly not saying they are true, but obviously they could make sense.  Both are signed long term and both have contracts that we need to dump.  In addition players like Jason Garrison appear to be ready to make their way into a regular role, and Dmitry Kulikov, last year’s first round pick is most likely going to get top three minutes.

We need offence!  Dale knows that.  I am sure he’s trying to figure out a way to get some.  The Hawks aren’t done trading as they need to move salary.  Kris Versteeg from the Blackhawks has been mentioned as a player that could be available.  I would bet all it takes is a draft pick and a prospect.  Tallon traded for him originally and could try to reaquire him.

We also need a center, and that would most likely have to come from free agency, or another team looking to move someone.

No matter what, Atlanta is better, Tampa is going to get better, Washington is Washington, and Carolina is restructuring like we are, but they are further along the line.  A trade to make us a better club must be in the works.  The Horton move is the first.  If you’re still crying about it, move on.  He didn’t want to be here, and we don’t want anyone that’s not prepared to be part of the solution.

Friday will be here before we know it.  I’m hoping that someway somehow a deal is made at or before the draft that we can all be pleased with!

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  • slapshot1106

    I really like Emerson Etem, but I definitely think he’ll be gone by the time we get to our 15th pick… Also I hear Anaheim’s interested in Ballard.

    What about Ballard and the Cat’s #15 pick to Anaheim for Eminger, prospect, and the Duck’s #12 pick…. Take Etem with the 12th pick, and everyone will realize why Nate the not-so-great should’ve been sent packing long ago…

  • Frank Rekas

    How about Ballard and the 15th for Bobby Ryan? They are having a hell of a time signing him, and he is going to be a really solid player.

    Emminger doesn’t help us too much. And he’s already been here. Now if Dylan McIlrath is available at 15, take him!

  • slapshot1106

    I think you vastly underrate Bobby Ryan, or overvaluate Ballard… If they’re willing to give us Ryan, I say they can have Ballard and the #3… Ryan’s proven and there’s never guarantees with young picks…

    I think the Panthers are spending too much on D with Wideman and McCabe already, so Ballard is expendable. Actually, they’d be doing us a favor as he’s signed for too much for too long… I think he’s worth more like $2.5-3mill, as opposed to the $4mill/year he’s signed to… With Emminger, he’s cheap and solid enough as a 5th or 6th Dman, also adding another right-handed point shot… I know he was criticized here in his short burst here, but PDB likes him and he adds some decent PP minutes…

  • Frank Rekas

    Slap Shot, I hit send before I could finish my thought.

    I understand about Emminger being a decent 5th or 6th, and yes he’s cheap. But for a guy that DeBoer had once before, he didn;t last long. Wonder if something happened with those two?

    With Niedermayer retiring Anahiem needs defense. In two years they have lost Pronger and Scott. That will be hard to come by. Maybe if Tallon can toss Olesz into that deal it works.

    I do agree, there’s way too much money on the Panther backend. McCabe, Ballard, Allen and now Wideman is just too much money to be spending. Someone’s got to go.

  • slapshot1106

    Personally, I don’t think we could give Olesz away. That’s way too much money for far too long… I think they should throw him on waivers. If anyone bites, GREAT!! We’re free of a lot of salary and cap space… I just don’t see him as a legit NHLer… Unless someone wants to use him as a potential 3rd liner, but he’s not anyhwere physical enough to be anything like Andrew Ladd… Hell for that matter, I’m not even sure teams would claim him on re-entry waivers, where they only have to pay half his salary… I think we’re stuck–possible buyout if they can’t find any takers at some point throughout this year…

    As far as Panthers Dmen, Wideman and Ballard make about the same $4mill/year… That’s too much for those guys. I think we’d rather keep the right-handed, more offensive Wideman… I don’t have a major problem with Ballard, other than he gets paid too much… He’s more of a 3rd or 4th Dman. Allen also paid too much. McCabe also, but will probably stay until the trade deadline… I would give Allen away. It would be interesting to see what people would give for McCabe. Probably not too much now, because they know they could let the Panthers pay the bulk of his salary, and acquire him closer to the trade deadline…

  • Frank Rekas

    As of tonight, rumors are that Tallon is leading towards Gudbranson (spelling?). He’s trying to move something, but apparently nothing has happened yet. You’re right, Allen is paid too much as is Ballard. Both could be hard to move but upside is more on Ballard I think than Allen. Which could make him more tradeable.

    We’ll see how this ends

  • http://yahoo.com hank

    why would this team keep vokun? he’s a free agent next year, making 6mil. obviously he won’t be around after next year. his value is at it’s highest. go dale, pull the trigger

  • Frank Rekas

    Hank: It puzzles me that we’d want to keep him for exactly why you mention. We aren’t going to the playoffs this season, so let’s try and move him to get some offrence. Unless the master plan was to say he’s not shopping him, to somehow keep his value higher?

    I think we’ll find out Friday!